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Happy Birthday JEYSIE!

Started by Warlock, March 08, 2005, 05:00:06 PM

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Since it's officially Jeysie's birthday in my country, I thought I'd be early and make a birthday thread!


Here's your cake!

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you're (one year) old now!! :D

Say Mistage
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Happeh Birthday Jeysie!
*Brings in the ice cream* :D
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And who knows what else?


Quote from: Say on March 08, 2005, 05:56:28 PM

you're (one year) old now!! :D

Lmao, yeah... I should have added more candles!

Happy 1st birthday Jeysie!  ;D
"Ask not what your forum can do for you, ask what you can do for your forum"



I won't be around tomorrow to officially post, so I'm doing it about four hours early!  Have a wonderful day!
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*humps Liz's leg*

A special gift from moi! XD
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How come she got a bigger cake than I did, Jesse?! >:(
Is it cuz you don't love me? :'(

hehe, seriously though: Happy Birthday Jeysie/Liz!!



Hope ya get many presents! XD
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Thanks, folks! ;] I'll post a longer response when I get home from work. (Because I just know Questie's gonna come along and say, "WHAT DID YOU GET FOR PRESENTS??!!??!!")

Peace & Luv, Liz

Drunken Chinchilla

Happy Birthday Liz  :) hope you have/had a great day!
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[size=8]Happy Birthday Liz[/size]
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Exuberant birthday Jeysie! ;D

I actually dreamed that there was some kind of ad campaign that used your Jeysie nick... I think it was Mountain Dew saying "Do the Jeysie" or something like that. XD
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Actually, Jeysie, I already did, but it didn't go through. :P Let's try this again......


What did you get for presents?!?!?!?!


Warlock: Thankee for the cake! It's OK that there's only one candle. Harrison's family has this thing where they insist on putting the exact number of candles on the cake. Not so bad when you're a young 'un like me, but when we have a party for his grandma, it's a good thing that his brother-in-law is a firefighter.

Jafar: Thank you for the ice cream!

Koko: Thank you for all your birthday wishes, here and elsewhere. (Meow!)

Louisiana, Yonkey, Racx, Kimmie: Thankees!

J-R: Ew! Get back here and clean up your mess!

Vipt: Because I'm large and female. If I don't get a big cake, Warlock goes home in a little box. Mrow.

Bushie: "Do the Jeysie"? What would that entail, I wonder? If it's a dance, my dancing style tends to consist of standing in one spot and swaying/shaking my hips a lot, so that would be kind of boring. XD I love Mountain Dew, though...

Questie: You're so adorably predicable. Don't ever change. (gives noogie)

Anyhoo. I got money - $100 total from Harrison's various relatives. I remember the good old days when I was little, and having $100 meant I was filthy stinkin' rich. (nostalgic sigh) Still, that's quite a nice sum for gifts!

Alex: Well, today kinda sucked since I had to work. But at least I got out early.

However, on this past Sunday night, Harrison, his family, and my mom threw me a surprise birthday party at his sister's house. Whee!

(Did I miss anybody?)

Peace & Luv, Liz


Not that I know of, but I can tell ya this:  I'm not cleanin' up anything! ;P
Just look at me,
I'm living proof that,

- from Time Heals Nothing by Danko Jones


You forgot Say, I believe.

QuoteQuestie: You're so adorably predicable. Don't ever change. (gives noogie)

What about him did you predicate? ::)

*puts on smart-ass cap*

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I wonder what being predicable means.

>fixes hair< NO MORE NOOGIES!!  First Catwoman dolls ( >:( :P) and now noogies?  You're an incorrigible AUNT! :P What would you do if next year I didn't ask? :P

Anyways, money is always good!  Any thoughts on what you're gonna spend it on?


Oops! I meant to include Say in the candle amount comment somewhere. Thankee Say!

Questie: Yes, I am incorrigible. Sorry, hon. I plan to let the money sit in my bank account for now, in the hopes that I will one day save enough to BUY A FLIPPIN NEW COMPUTER! :P

Vipt: I predicate that "Liz can spell correctly" = false. :P

Peace & Luv, Liz