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Happy Birthday Vipt!

Started by Yonkey, March 05, 2005, 10:01:58 PM

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Questing Character

If I'm Q, you're V.

Now, you didn't tell us about your presents.  I DEMAND to know what you got!!


Let's see...

I got a pimp mobile, pimp hat, pimp jacket, pimp mug, and a feather duster! :D <3

Other than that, I seriously didn't get anything. Not that I care so much; birthdays have pretty much lost their "magic" to me since, like, my 11th or thereabouts. I did go out to dinner with my parents though, and they said they'd go shopping with me later and let me choose something to buy for a present. That won't be any time soon however, for mom is leaving tomorrow to go visit my grandmother (who's been sick recently) and won't be back till next week. Sorry to disappoint you, lol.

And btw, who's this "Q" character you speak of? because I'm certainly not "V"! :P

Questing Character

Well, I hope you enjoy your pimp mobile!!

And *I* am Q!  And YOU are V!


Oh, I forgot! I also got a happy birthday wish from a girl I don't even know! lol :D <3

I can't even remember her name, or if I was even told her name. :-[ One of Jesse's online friends from Australia, I remember that much. She wrote "Happy Birthday, Vipt!" in elaborate letters on a piece of paper and took a piccie of herself with it. Then Jesse sent it to me without a word of explanation and I was really confused, lol.

<3 <3 <3OMG, I'M IN LUBZ!! <3 <3 <3

Hahaha! J/K, I'm being a dork. :P
She was a cute girl though! I'd post the piccie here, but I'm not sure she'd really appreciate that.

*happeh dances*


Could be Jael, who is a member of the forum, or it could be someone else that Jesse knows XD
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