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Homestar Runner's BDAY! :)

Started by Say, March 14, 2005, 12:18:44 PM

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happeh bday to yoooouuuu
happy bday omfghomestarrunnerzomgomg
happeeh bddddddddddddaaaaaay toooooooo yyyyyyoooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3

You're oficially one year closer to death :P woo!
hahaha, just kidding, hopefully you have a kick ass day! best of wishes :)

Say Mistage
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Louisiana Night



oh my... I just hope he won't hate me once he sees this :P

Say Mistage
Phoenix Online Studios

#IndieSupport <3


Merry day of birth old chap!  :P
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>Jump In Well :D




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OMG i am so happy my home computer is working

okay so ...
don'y worry say i don't hate you that is what i told my mom yesterday.

and thanks every one

oh and vipt love the smiles you used bye

oh and  :stabs:
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Happy birthday Homsar! XD

*makes Strong Mad do the birthday dance*
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I got so many great gifts,sooo...
now i will brag about them
lets see i got the
Ultiment hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
Bio-dome on dvd
The will be Giants direct from brooklyn on dvd
Gigantic (a tale of two johns) on dvd
those might be giants Here come the ABC's
the giants album Flood
the mighty b. giants album NO!
them album Dial a song
the 1st season of gilligans island on DVD
and Aqua teen hunger force Volume one on DVD

and the presents are still rolling in :stabs:
Ski is my life blood