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Started by Say, April 12, 2005, 06:45:12 PM

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OMG! how dare you all to not have opened a birthday thread to our good friend Jump in Well and to our amazing-omfg-music-director-supah-rayz! :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS! wish you only but the best :)

Everyone!, post now!! :)

Say Mistage
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Happy birthday JIW and Ray.. !!

Ahem... I remember as it was only yesterday that I was changing JIW's diaper.. and here we are.. on his.. (?th) birthday, how the years have just gone by!

I never knew Ray... but I hear he was agood man.. or is a good man.. is he even a man?  ???
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HAHAHA, JIW is inmortal!!... or something :P

and Ray... oh well, I don't know, he's a... RAY :P a rare breed I'd say :D

Say Mistage
Phoenix Online Studios

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Happy Birthday, Jump In Well and Chris! XD

I haven't seen Chris online in ages until today. And right now he's afk lol.  ::)
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hahaha it's his birthday! don't expect him to be right THERE to reply to txt mssgs ;P

he left that thing online to go back and check out who remembered and left good wishes :P

Say Mistage
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thanks all... let me go get my bifocals so i can read all your posts ;D
Christopher C. Ray

Jump In Well

thanks everyone i had a great birthday

>Jump In Well :D



Louisiana Night


Happy Happy Biddiay, J I W and rockin Ray! :D
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Happy birthday to both of you!!

Now, JIW, if you had such a great birthday, I demand to know what you got.  You too Ray!!


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Happy birthday guys.

Hope you get some great presents ray... OH! and good cake.

And JIW i will try and get you a something good ...
uhhhhh... you like toilet brushes and broken logos right?  :stabs:
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Jump In Well

lets see here i got;

$150 straight cash
a new headset for my pc
3 cds
some dvds
and more stuff that i can't remember right now

>Jump In Well :D


Ski is my life blood


well, so far all I got was a box of chocolate from my 4 year old niece (who ate most of them) and a pack of band-aids "For if I fall of my steps" :D
Christopher C. Ray

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JiW, sounds like you had an awesome birthday!!

Ray...well....your neice was thinking of you, at least, and that's nice! :P


*sneaks in only a few hours before thread is closed*
Happy belated birthday wishes!
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