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Scariest evil character

Started by uselessidguy331, January 28, 2004, 05:33:33 PM

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Scariest evil character

Ogre from KQ1
0 (0%)
Dracula from KQ2
1 (4.2%)
Ogre from KQ4
3 (12.5%)
Desert Spirit (Not evil) KQ7
2 (8.3%)
Werebear from KQ7
1 (4.2%)
Boogeyman from KQ7
11 (45.8%)
Other (List them)
6 (25%)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 24


boogeyman, w/o a doubt.. hides  ::)
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Yeah... Mordack was freaky. Did anyone else like his voice actor? Made him sound evil. Or I think he did. It's been a while.

But I'm going with the majority.
The Boogeyman popping out of nowhere. It was always so surprising when he'd show up. I don't remember... did he usually fall from the sky, come up from the ground, or did he do both?

The witch in 5 was also freaky because she'd just pop out of nowhere. I'm all jumpy. I don't like surprises.

In 6, the Minotaur was creepy when you'd get locked in that room and didn't know you needed a certain item before going into the catacombs. And you'd sit there... and Alexander knew something was coming... and then he'd die. Sadness, sadness.
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It has to be the bogeyman. I first played KQ7 when i was about 5 years old (starting age of my King's Quest craze  :P) and i was looking around uga buga land and the music the bogeyman used scared the hell out of me i could'nt sleep for nights.  :'(


I suppose I would have to say the bogey-man like so many others. Of course it could be that at the time I was playing the game with a crappy mouse that sometimes decided to stop working.  >:(
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The cave troll in KQ4 scared me every time.  Random, inescapable deaths like that frighten me more than any of the action games I watch my dad play.  Maybe that's why Freddy Pharkas gave me nightmares as a kid - too many timed puzzles of graphic (yet cartoonish) death!

The desert spirit (Farwalker?) was a little freaky, but I mostly appreciated him as a tragic character for whom you could feel sympathy.  Loved that cape, too!  I'd kind of like to see him in KQ9.
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Probably the boogeyman for me. Another one would be the giant scorpion near the beginning of KQ7. That was pretty freaky the first time I played it, of course I was only seven.  :P

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I agree. The thing with all the others is they can be killed. But the boogeyman belongs to the living undead and can't be killed.
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Nope. Lolotte who won't even allowe chocolate in the Asylum ranks higher. Better luck next year,.
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