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Bill Tiller creates backgrounds for The Exchange Student

Started by dimidimidimi, May 10, 2005, 05:10:30 PM

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Press Release â€" 10th of May 2005


Magixoft would like to announce that Bill Tiller, known for his excellent work on legendary titles such as The Curse of the Monkey Island and The Dig, will be creating backgrounds for the upcoming comedy adventure for mobile phones, The Exchange Student. The story of the game is written by Dimitris Manos, the editor of the monthly PDF magazine The Inventory and the European website for adventure games, Adventure Europe.

The story of The Exchange Student is about Emilio, a 22 y.o. Italian student who has never had a girlfriend in his entire life. His friend Vicenzo just came back from an exchange program in Sweden. Vicenzo was really satisfied with the program since he met a lot of very attractive ladies. Emilio decides to follow his friend's path. He travels to Sweden to spend a semester there, studying in a city of Sweden called Västerås. Emilio will be constantly hitting on girls without any luck. During the exchange program he will also become friends with two Spanish guys Pedro and Miguel and a German guy called Mathias. The Spanish guys make up a 'points' game. In this game whenever one of them kisses or has sex with a girl, he gets a point. In the end of the exchange program they will all count the points to declare the lover of the year. The theme of the game is very much inspired by Al Lowe's Leisure Suit Larry series.

Magixoft is looking for an artist to create characters and animation for the game. Those interested should contact either Dimitris Manos ( or Magixoft (

ABOUT BILL TILLER: Bill Tiller has worked on several Lucasarts titles such as The Dig, The Curse of Monkey Island, Rebel Assault and Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine. He also worked on EA’s Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Right now alongside several other ex-Lucasarts employees, he is working on a new point and click adventure game called A Vampyre Story

ABOUT MAGIXOFT: Magixoft is a Russian-based company creating games for a wide range of mobile phones. They have already released the titles Astro Quest and Magic’s Quest 2 and their upcoming titles include The Exchange Student and The Orgastic Four.

ABOUT DIMITRIS MANOS: Dimitris Manos is the editor of the PDF magazine for adventure games The Inventory and is also the editor of the website Adventure Europe.


Sounds very interesting! Too bad my mobile phone can't run games lol :(
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Yeah, sounds like a pretty fun game!

Unfortunately, my cell phone doesn't play games either. :-\
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