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You Guys are Messed Up.

Started by fli, May 16, 2005, 05:53:54 PM

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You guys made my 5 year old cousin cry.

She was so hyped about this game coming out. We've played all the Roberta Williams Anthology together on my old 486. Since she was 4 she has anticipated this game.

And I have to say me too-- I've been dropping in and out of this place, never registering, for the past 2 years. Both of us were watching the clock together, and suddenly it's, "Coming this Winter."

You guys make poor 5 year old girls cry!



They've said from the beginning once they announced the chat that this was the announcemen of the release date of the game...not the game itself.
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I'm sorry to hear you and your cousin were upset about the release date but we did actually say prior to the countdown that this would be the announcment of the release date and not the game itself.

I'm sure the wait will be more than worth it :)
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Welcome to the forum Fli,

And like Cat said, we already announced before the chat that we wouldn't be releasing the game yesterday, but only the release date for the game.

We're of course sorry if your cousin was upset, but why don't you show her some of the nice screenshots that were released yesterday, or let her listen to the newly released soundtracks?

As announced, the first part of the game is being released sometime this winter, and if you have waited so long as you have already, then please have patience with us, and wait a little longer, we assure you it will be worth your wait! :)

And also, now that you registered, perhaps you could stick around and post more often, so some good can come of it? ;)
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Welcome Fli :)

That's actually one of the main reasons why we worded the countdown text as ambiguous as possible. ;)

Also, if you noticed, no one from the KQIX team ever said that the game would be released on May 15th.  You may have heard other people speculating that was the case, and maybe even believed them.  However, it was not officially said by anyone from the KQIX team because (obviously) it's not true. ;P

Anyway, I hope you enjoy all the goodies we put on the site.  You can read about them in the Newsletter. :)
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I find it so funny that you you and your cousin, who apparently adore the KQ series, can't realize a some fundamental lessons that are at the foundation of the KQ games, as well as this project:


Perhaps if you actually got involved in the forums on this site rather than periodically checking in to see when you can download a game that other's are SLAVING over for no money, you would understand.


I'm going to lock this topic now before it turns into a discussion, everything necessary has been said, and that's that. *locks* :)
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