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Vocal editing

Started by Flubly, October 02, 2005, 01:28:08 PM

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  what kind of editing are you doing with vocal files?  With reverb are you setting room sizes in reference to the virtual sizes of the CG rooms, or are you approximating with percentage figures? 
   You don't have someone hitting preset buttons do you (gasp)!!??
What do you guys use for the sound editing?  Various programs, one master program, plugins?
   Have you been doing any pitchbending work on anybody (tee hee).


you sound very interesyed in sound. maybe you should join the team in the sound department.
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I dunno.  I would have to see what's involved.  I'm pretty busy with writing the soundtrack for Quest For Utopia.

Drunken Chinchilla

Hehe I'm not too sure on the specifics but rest assured our sound department is extremely qualified and competent at what it does. At the moment I don't think we're looking for any more sound or music members but I shall try to get Austin down here to see if he has anything to say on the subject, he seems to be the most frequent sound guy round the forums ;p
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