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This whole thing is Frustrating

Started by IAgamer2524, October 13, 2005, 04:16:59 PM

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When will any of us gamers find out any updates from you all regarding the completion of this game?

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Hello everyone, I know everyone is pissed about this project being shut down and I hear ya and my question is this:  Since we all are sad and disappointed, when do we hear from you on what this company has said in continuing this production.  I emailed this company and really no one has replied back I am not really surpised because you know what no one will ever respond back to our emails which really is saddening!  

Look guys and gals, if we want this to continue I say lets petition or just continue the project.  What will happen, yes you may all get arrested for copyright, but hell take the risk and continue this production!!!  Caesar please know this was my inner thoughts and really not mad at you just complaining as usual.

I am mad because I saw the trailer and I was pumped.  I didn't know what was wrong with Valenice or what was she dead?  I didn't know.  All I know is if you need any money to fund this project I would be willing to send some in order to help you out if you need any money to buy a copyright or anything.  

I want this project to continue, please provide more answers to what has been happening.  WHAT IS GOING ON AND PLEASE DON"T SHUT DOWN!!!!


I want a better ending to King's Quest 8!!!!


We fully understand your frustration, sadness, anger, etc. We are trying to save the project. But it's too early to give any news or make any promises

Be patient. That's all I can say.

Thank you all again for the support.

Cesar Bittar
Phoenix Online


IAgamer, have you seen this? BTW it needs Windows Media Player to play... 8)
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