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Another Cesar Battar??

Started by Flubly, October 02, 2005, 06:23:52 PM

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When people said Cesar should direct a kq movie, I said to myself, "Well his profile said he had experience in film."  So I went on IMDB and I thanked the heavens that he was only the grip for that.  Any further involvement and the badness might of rubbed off on him.  It did with the actors.


mind you, I've never watched the film, and I hated immensely having worked on it. But, it was school stuff and I had to do it.

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Too bad you didn't get to write the script. ;-D It might have become a blockbuster.
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hahhaha :P

Cesar has a big head as it is... don't get him ideas to get him all flattered ;P

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