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Sigur-Ros Video

Started by Flubly, October 16, 2005, 06:57:32 PM

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Has anyone seen the new Sigur Ros music video for Glosoli?  It is the most beautiful music video I think I have seen to date.  I almost cried because it just reminded me of being that young in a way that nothing else ever has.  And the music is of course absolutely incredible as always because it's Sigur Ros.

Drunken Chinchilla

Yeah it was quite nice but a tad overrated i think. Still, icelandic kids ARE cute :D

hopefully be seeing them live come november time  !!!
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Maybe you didn't have that kind of outlook on life when you were a child.  All children don't view the world the same way.  I see that thats true when I look back on my relationship with my friends.