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Started by koko_99_2001, November 08, 2005, 05:08:31 AM

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I've been watching the news, and they're talking about the riots in France. It was mentioned that it might be spreading the Belgium. I don't want this to get political. I just started this because we have quite a few European forumers. I don't know how close ya'll are near there, but if ya'll could just check in and let us know ya'll are safe. I know I'm thinking about you!
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I'm safe :D

But then again, I'm about as far away from France as you are dear ;)

It's probably not going to spread, atleast it would be EXTREMELY unlikely, it's been an ongoing problem for France and they seem to be slowly getting it under control, but if there's anybody from France out there, please feel free to say a little something about how you're doing, but as Cat stated, let's not make this political :)
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I was in Paris when some of the first riots started. I think it's horrible about that school, poor kids.
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