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Hurricane Wilma headed my way

Started by Rosedragon, October 22, 2005, 12:53:48 PM

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If you don't know it already, I'll tell you. I'm from south west Florida, and I have to deal with hurricanes. Now this hurricane Wilma is headed near where I live. I think it will hit the tip of southern FLorida, I live north of that. I have prepared my house and gotten everything ready. Wilma is supose to hit on Monday, or Sunday night. I heard my even take until Tuesday till Wilma comes. I feel sorry for the people of Mexico, they got hit really bad. So if you are a praying person, please pray for me.

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Take care.  :-\  But I heard it's getting weaker, so hopefully it wont be more than a Category 1 by the time it actually makes it to Florida.
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As always I hope nobody here is affected by the hurricane :(
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Best of luck to ya. Let us know what happens if you can.

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I will pray for you.  May God protect you..


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Take care sweetie. My prayers are with you.
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Hey everyone, no need to worry, I'm ok. I got through the hurricane, it did not damage my house, my neighborhood had minor damage like tree limbs broken and a few smaller trees come down. I was lucky not to loose power, some other people in mtown lost power. Last year with Hurricane Charley we lost power and it was in the summer! Now the fall weather is here, it's turned cool.

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I'm glad.  :D There have been so many hurricane's lately though.
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