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Happy Birthday Swift!!!

Started by racx_00, November 23, 2005, 05:59:03 AM

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Happeh Birthday Swift :D
Let us know what ya get ;D
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Thanks guys. I got some red packet money, a birthday cake, one curry puff, and one exam paper.
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*hands five golden rings* XD

Hope you had/have (depending on time zones) a great day!
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HAppy Birthday! *throws exploding party favors everywhere* XD
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Happy (late? It's 7:50 am, so...yeah. :P) birthday!!! XD
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Well, let me put it this way. My birthday was nearly over when Racx, Warlock and Yonkey posted. Still, better late than never. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys.
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A very happy belated birthday to you! Hope it was great!
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