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Father Ghostface's Halloween Thread

Started by Father Ghostface, August 17, 2005, 08:17:26 AM

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Father Ghostface

I hope I'm aloud to make a threa like this...?  :-\

Okay, so I made this thread a place where you can express your...SPOOKY SIDE!! BLAAA!!!!! Here you tell scary stories or scary expeirence's, have you ever seen a ghost? Have you heard the story of the killer with a hook for an arm???? Well it's all hear.....sort of....almost.......hehehe.
Here's a good one:

The story begins with two high school kids out on a date. The two kids had gone to see a movie that had ended early, so instead of going on home they decided to go parking. The drove way out into the country. As they drove they listened to the radio. About half way to their destination the radio broadcasted that a convict had escaped from the local prison, and that he had been in prison for the murders of several people. The radio then went on to warn people that on the convicts left arm, instead of a hand he wore a hook, and that if anyone saw him to please contact the local authorities. Well, hearing this, the girl became very frightened and wanted to go home. However the boy just laughed at her and said he would take care of her and that no convict would come this far out into the country. The girl wasn't completely put to ease, but she agreed to go on. When they got there, they talked and soon began making out. Not long after, the girl heard a scrapping sound on her car door, she told her boyfriend, but he told her she was just hearing things and to stop being paranoid.

They started making out again, but the girl kept on hearing the noise. Soon she became so afraid the boy agreed to leave. He was very annoyed and took off spinning his tires. When they got to her house, the boy got out to let his girlfriend out of the car, and as he went to open the door, hanging off the hinge was a HOOK!!!  :o

You see, campfire like stories!! YAY!!!!!



Also annoys OldBushie on AIM. :P


Hey! Fun! Here's one (I just made up so I hope you think it's good):

There once was a man who lived in a cottage all alone. No one cared about him much and that I was an evil sorcerer. One day a plow ran over him. His mutilated corpse (go into more detail to relaly spook em) was thrown in the river because no one wanted to pay for a proper burial. He floated down the river now called the (name of closest river to your house) and was deposited not far from here. His corpse lay bloated with water on the bank for some time. His spirit rose from the body and went terrorizing nearby towns to gain respect for himself because no one used to like him. He would posess people and tamper with their mind forcing them to take friends/family to the nearest body of water and drown them, leaving the person he possessed haunted by terrible nightmares. He would always go into bodies that were in the midst of a group of people (hopefully your target audience is in a group) and would invade the first that fell asleep. The last appearance was not too far from here and sometimes his spirit will split in order to gather more victims. One thing is for sure though, he has wiped out entire neighborhoods with his demonic deeds. Some people claim that Wyoming once had some very large towns but most were wiped out by him. He can journey anywhere in a flash. So please try not to be the first to fall asleep...... :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:
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Quote from: awesomeasapossum on October 24, 2005, 06:54:36 PM
Some people claim that Wyoming once had some very large towns but most were wiped out by him.

So that's why no one lives there!   :o ;)  Creative story, AAAP.
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Thankies. Nice one on your behalf too...

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Ok, so not such a scary one here, but still my favorite ghost story.

It was a dark and stormy night and a business man's car broke down.  He's within walking distance of a hotel, so he goes to check in.
The clerk refuses to give him a room.  "I'm sorry," he says, "All our rooms are full except for the haunted room!"
"I don't believe in ghosts, give me the room!" the man replies.  The clerk finally relents and gives the man the keys.

Not five minutes after he went into the room, the closet door opens and out steps a ghost who has blood all over his hands.  "BLOOOOOOODY FINGERS!" the ghost moans.
The man screams and runs from the room.

The same night, a woman arrives at the hotel.  She demands a room.
"I'm sorry, ma'am.  All of our rooms are taken except the haunted room," the clerk tells her.
"I don't believe in ghosts but I do believe in sleep," the woman snaps (it was very late at night by this point), "Give me the keys!"  The clerk finally relents and gives her the keys.

Not five minutes after she went into the room, the closet door opens and out steps the ghost with the bleeding hands.  "BLOOOOOOODY FINGERS!" the ghost moans.
The woman sees the ghost, screams, and runs out of the room.

Even later that night, a guitar player comes to the hotel.  "I'm sorry, we only have one room, and it's haunted!" the clerk says.
"Whatever," the guitar player replies, and he finally convinces the clerk to give him the keys.

Not five minutes after he went into the room, the closet door opens and out comes the same ghost.  "BLOOOOOOODY FINGERS!" the ghost moans.
The guitar player, who is sitting on the bed strumming his guitar, turns and sees the ghost.  "Dude, get yourself a Band-Aid."


It was a dark day. People were scared to go into a certain house on top of the hill. They say it is haunted by it's former owner. The old man died lonely in his house. But his fortune still lies in the house. So a few brave people went to the house never to been seen again. Today a new group of people stands in front of the house to find out what happened once and for all. The door opens whit a screaming sound like it wasn’t used for years. Slowly everybody enters the house. Suddenly the door shuts behind them whit a giant bang! They are locked in, it dark in the house so the people start to light their lamps and the candles in the house. On a look around they see that that hallway is very clean while the house has been deserted for years. They decide to go up the stairs. The stairs cracks at each step further. Suddenly the stairs below one person failed and he fell till his middle through the stairs. He feels something toughing him. It was something he never felt before, like it has some kind of hairs. Realizing it might be a monster grapping him they quickly pulled him out of the stairs. Looking down in the hole they see something shining bright. There must be something down there they think. Up the stairs the find the door to the master bedroom it was as clean like it had been polished. Now they heard a sound behind the door, like some people are talking in the room. They try to open the door, but it’s locked, so the lock picker opens the lock. Another screaming sound of the opening of the door and they were all in the bedroom. Nobody could be seen. They went to the closed and opened it. Aaaaah they screamed upon seeing a body. This was one person of the last group that came here. There was a knife in his back and blood was all over the closed. They moved away from the body and closed the door of the room. They went down the stairs and opened the door below the stairs. A hairy broom and a few marbles came in bright view. No body here. They turned around to move further but stopped to see a monstrous creature whit  sharp knives in both hands. “I’m going to kill you all” he said while walking slowly towards them. They got very scared and tried to flee by knocking and bashing on the door. But it didn’t help it kept closed. So they all run to the master bedroom and blocked the door so he couldn’t enter. They thought they were safe but what they didn’t knew was that there was a living corpse behind them. They screamed upon seeing it opening the door. Now the were pinned by the corpse and the monstrous creature so they begged for mercy. Upon that both the corpse and the monstrous creature took of their masks and revealed themselves to them all happy Halloween !!

Note. I could have made it more bloody
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