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TSL Composer Release Album

Started by aHaynes, March 16, 2010, 02:35:20 PM

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I'm reposting this as the rest of the forums were taken down due to the unfortunate situation with TSL.

As you all may or may not know, I have done most of the of the music for TSL and have spent years to make the music sound incredible and memorable while fitting in with the spirit of the game. While working on this game I also spent time doing a side project which was to release my own album without a game attached to it.

It's a personal album called Evening Light and it's full of heart and soul with Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass, and some pad/landscape type sounds to capture what one might experience when looking at a memorizing sunset.

You can hear the album on CDBABY here: or on iTunes by searching my name Austin Haynes.

Many have enjoyed the album very much so I hope that you will too.

Best Regards,

Austin Haynes
TSL Main Composer

(Posted on: March 15, 2010, 05:12:15 PM)

Austin Haynes
Austin Haynes Music


I only listend to the previews!  ;]

but I quite liked so'e of the' (fro' what I could hear) quite soothing 'usic.
~Mary Jane supporter~


Thanks for listening and posting :-).

Evening Light is a rather soothing and melodic album. You'll find lots of imagery/visuals when listening to this. Reviews have been great across the board to so I don't think you'll be disappointed if you buy it :-)!

In fact, Cesar Bitar, the Project Director posted a nice review of the album:

I have had the pleasure to listen to Austin Hayne's music before as I've worked with him on different projects. Austin has the distinct ability to recognize those spots in anyone's soul that have to be turned emotionally for music to really grab you and knock you out. Very few people know how to do this while scoring for cinema or games. Austin is one of those guys. His latest work, and first solo album, is a complete departure to everything Austin has done before. It's definitely edgier and, I would dare to say, rebels against everything in Austin's subtle nature. It almost seems a complete separate beast at first glance, until you start to listen closely, and recognize Austin's stamp all over the place. This is a musical journey and Austin boldly expresses what he wants to say in a bombastic manner, and not holding anything back. The album opens with "Dream in Motion", and, as the name implies, it has the feeling of escaping into a dream. The louder "Endless Freedom" kicks in after, unapologetic about its power, and yet, he still manages to be subtle and even sensual in "The Evening Light", which has a very exotic and far away feeling to it, and, along with "Traveler" and "Skyline" make up for the most interesting, dynamic and awe inspiring work from this "new" Austin Haynes style. There are other tracks that find Austin more in his accustomed way such as "Together Again" and "Heaven", but even there, Austin work feels fresh and new, and you certainly can notice how he has matured and evolved over the years. My personal favorite is the gut-wrenching "Sunset Heat", one of those tracks that once it grabs you, doesn't let go. I find it wonderful that Austin has finally decided to release an album and share his incredible talent with the public. I can only hope it's the first of many more to come! Cesar Bittar

The album is now on Amazon also!

-Austin Haynes
Austin Haynes
Austin Haynes Music


Hey Austin,

You should make your forum avatar your album cover! :P
"A wish changes nothing. A decision changes everything."

Rider Jetfire

This is truly very beautiful and quite relaxing.
What thing is it without a name that brings my mind ere back the same to thee?


Why thank you, Rider Jetfire :-).

Right now, I have my album for only $5.99 on CDBABY found here:

It's only at this price for a very short time and then it goes back up to $8.99 so don't miss this deal :-)!

Austin Haynes
Austin Haynes Music