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Christmas in Daventry

Started by Rosedragon, December 04, 2005, 08:56:58 AM

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I started writing this Christmas story as a present for you all for the Christmas season. It's a bit like the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I would dearly love to see that movie but I can't right now becasue I am sick with a cold. This story has given me something to do while I am ill.
I hate being sick it really sucks, at least my ears and throat do not hurt now as much as they did when I first got the cold. I started getting sick on Friday. I think I caught the cold frommy friend that I went to Busch Gardens with. Anyway here is the story, I hope yall like it.

Christmas in Daventry

It was November 29th in the royal castle of the kingdom of Daventry.  Queen Valanice was busy decorating the throne room for Christmas. November 29th was also King Graham’s birthday.

   â€œA little to the left, Jonas.” The queen of Daventry said to the servant on the ladder who was hanging a Christmas wreath above the twin wooden thrones. The throne chairs for the king and queen were made of fine sturdy expensive wood and the king’s chair had two lion statues carved under the armrests, with a high back carved in the shape of tree branches with a gold acorn at top. The queen’s chair had unicorns carved under the armrests, with roses on the back. Both thrones were gilded with a thick layer of gold paint and had precious stones set in them. Crimson velvet cushions on the seat and at the back made the thrones more comfortable to sit in. A red carpet trimmed in gold led from the thrones to the door and down the hall.

   The wreath Jonas was hanging was made of artificial holly, mistletoe, ivy, spruce branches and pinecones. Artificial birds in red and white, artificial apples, plums, poinsettias and Christmas roses, tiny brass bells and red velvet ribbons and bows decorated the large wreath. Jonas slid the wreath to the left.

   â€œRight there, that’s perfect.” Valanice told him. “Do be careful up there Jonas.” Jonas hung the wreath on one of the small iron hooks that protruded from in between the stones that made up the wall.  As the seasons in Daventry changed, the decorations of the castle were changed as well to match the holidays of the season. The hooks built in the walls of the castle held tapestries, paintings, garlands of wreaths of flowers or greenery, banners and flags. Jonas had already changed the tapestries, from the fall harvest scene to the nativity scene, a large artfully woven tapestry depicted the birth of Jesus Christ in bold silk colors. Mary and Joseph were in the stable with baby Jesus in the manger, there were barnyard animals and camels around him as well as the shepherds and the three wise men. A gold star shone above the stable while angels danced and sang all around.

Another smaller tapestry showed Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, in a snowy coniferous forest with a castle in the background. Santa Claus wore his red suit trimmed in white fur and carried a large sack full of gifts for children. He held his left hand up to his mouth, in a sign to be quiet and not spoil the surprise of his coming. A red-nosed reindeer was next to him.  Snowflake fairies in ice blue gowns and lacy silver fairy wings danced in the snow around him.

   â€œNow I need you to hang up the garland the Christmas garlands.” Queen Valanice told Jonas. Jonas sighed. He knew how hard it was to decorate the castle, since as the queen’s favorite footman it was his job to do most of the decorating. 

   â€œWe must have the garlands all around the walls of the throne room. Princess Rosella is decorating the dining room for my husband’s birthday party. King Graham is out on his horseback ride through the village and forest. Connor and Alexander went with him. He usually likes to have a beer at the tavern with the peasants to celebrate. Wait till he sees the delicious goodies Olga the chef has prepared!”

Jonas climbed down from the ladder and helped the servant holding the ladder, Duncan, move it. Two servants came in the room carrying the Christmas garlands that would be draped across the walls. They were made from artificial holly and pine boughs with red bows on them. Queen Valanice ordered all the castle’s artificial floral decorations from Ersatz de Faux in Falderal, a mock turtle that ran a shop selling completely fake merchandise in a strange town ran by silly human-like animals in the enchanted world of Eldritch. 

   Valanice hoped she could make Graham’s birthday a happy and fun one.  Also, this Christmas would be a special one. All of the royal family of Daventry would be together. Valanice’s son Alexander, who was abducted as a baby and returned to them at the age of seventeen, would come home from his wife’s country, the Land of the Green Isles. Alexander ruled the Land of the Green Isles with his beloved wife, Cassima. His twin sister Rosella would be in Daventry with her fiancé Edgar, the prince of Etheria. This would be Edgar and Cassima’s first winter in Daventry. It grew cold during the winter and it frequently snowed. Queen Cassima, who came form a tropical land, would have some adjusting to do with the cold. King Graham would celebrate his birthday with all of his family around him.

   Valanice’s third and youngest child, her son Brendan had also returned to Daventry.  Fearing the enemies that had abducted Alexander as a baby, Valanice and Graham made the heart wrenching decision to send the infant Brendan away to a holy island ruled by good Tao Buddhist monks. The monks raised young Brendan and he received an excellent education from them.

   The servants hung the garlands as Valanice directed them. Soon the throne room looked very merry and reflected the beauty and good will of the holiday season. A banner announcing the king’s birthday had been hung over the entrance to the castle.

   When they were finished with the throne room, Valanice went into the dining room to see how Rosella had decorated it. 

A red banner with gold letters saying “Happy Birthday King Graham,” hung on the wall. An embroidered white linen cloth covered the table. A large four layer chocolate cake waited to be sliced on a silver platter. Another cake, made of gingerbread, was shaped like Castle Daventry. The table was set with fine silver and china. The china was white and trimmed in gold, with the royal coat of arms of Daventry painted in the center of each plate. Golden goblets set with jewels were set at each place. Besides the cake, there was a beef pie the chef had fixed for dinner, onion soup, fresh baked white bread, and a salad of fresh greens and vegetables for the king’s birthday dinner. The finest wine, and mulled cider would be served at the king’s birthday dinner. A rare treat, ice cream, was being kept cold in the springhouse where butter and milk were stored. 

A gold urn was filled with red roses, white lilies and blue forget-me-nots. Garlands of colorful flowers were draped across the walls. Rosella had hung some sparkly silver and gold paper stars from the ceiling.

   â€œExcellent job, Rosella, I’m sure your father will love it.” Valanice told her daughter.

   A servant walked into the dining room and told the queen and princess that King Graham had returned from his ride. Valanice and Rosella went out into the hall to meet him.

King Graham took off his fur-lined cloak and handed it to a servant. Then he embraced his wife and kissed her.

   â€œWelcome home, my love.” Valanice said. “Come and see the feast prepared for you.”

Graham smiled and said “My birthday is always happy, especially now that the whole family is here.

Graham, Valanice, Alexander, Rosella, Brendan, Cassima, Edgar, Connor, Sarah and Valanice’s dear friend Morena, Graham’s brother Farrel the blacksmith and hi sister Roxanne the farmwife gathered at the dining table with some of the favorite knights, lords and ladies of the castle. They all sat down and Graham said the blessing.

   â€œWell, well this food looks delicious. Olga and her assistants certainly did a good job. I am hungry after my ride.”

            He ate some of the bread; then had a salad. He did not finish the salad, but started on his soup. Then Graham sliced the beef pie and passed it around. The beef pie was delicious.  Finally, the candles were set in the cake and lit.
King Graham made a birthday wish, then blew out the candles. Everyone clapped and cheered. Graham took the first slice of cake. The cake was delicious, a decadent chocolate treat.

After dinner the royal family went to refresh themselves and change into their fancy garments for the ball that would be held in honor of Graham’s birthday that night.

Valanice wore a blue velvet dress trimmed in lace, and she proudly displayed the sapphire jewelry Graham had given her for their wedding. Rosella wore a sea green silk dress trimmed in silver embroidery and lace. Cassima wore a purple and gold dress. Sarah, Connor’s fiancé, wore a pink dress. Morena wore a yellow dress. Roxanne wore a red silk dress.

King Graham put on his gold and white suit designed for formal occasions.  Alexander wore a red jerkin and blue pants, he looked very kingly. Connor wore his Mask of Eternity armor. Brendan wore an emerald green outfit.
Edgar wore silver and sky blue clothes in the Daventry style. He had not gotten used to the Greek-style robes of Etheria yet. Farrel wore a purple suit.

   Before the dancing could commence, it was time for the birthday king to open his gifts. With eagerness he picked a large box wrapped in gold paper with a red bow and began to open it. Inside he found a new pair of shiny black leather boots in just the right size.

   â€œI noticed your old boots were getting worn, so I had the shoemaker make you a new pair.”

“These look like they will be comfortable. Thank you, Valanice.” Graham opened his next gift, in a box wrapped in paper with a gold rose design. The gift inside was a beautiful lyre handcrafted from the finest exotic woods and stringed in tune. He tested the strings and found they were set just fine.

   â€œRosella and I decided to have a harp made for you because you like music so much, and you missed that harp you got from the willow princess.” Valanice said.

“It’s beautiful, and it sings like a siren. I think I am really going to like this harp. Thank you Valanice.”

The next gift, wrapped in silver paper, was a crimson hooded cloak trimmed in ermine. “Now this is a cloak fit for a king. Maybe I could do a Santa Claus impression this Christmas.” Said Graham.

   Valanice smiled, remembering how Graham would play Santa Claus for Rosella and the children of the kingdom. He would dress up like Santa Claus and hold Rosella on his lap while sitting on his throne. He would ask her if she had been good that year, and Rosella would reply yes. Then he would ask her what she wanted for Christmas. Rosella knew about her twin brother Alexander who was stolen from the family as a baby, and one year she asked for her twin brother to be returned to them. This nearly brought tears to Graham’s eyes, he wished that if Santa Claus did exist, then he would return his lost children so the family could be whole again. Now the royal family and their friends were all together, and this Christmas would be the best yet.

Graham opened his other gifts, he received a fine sword, a muffler, leather gloves, a gold and enamel pendant showing the Virgin and Child, a fine gold cloak brooch in the shape of a dragon, a new belt with a gold buckle, a silver and gold letter opener with a dragon shaped handle, and a music box with a porcelain figure of himself on a black horse. The music box played his favorite song.

It was time for his last gift. Alexander whistled, and an adorable golden retriever puppy bounded into the room.
King Graham had been saddened by the death of his favorite dog, a female golden retriever he named Aurelia.
This puppy would replace the dog he had lost. Graham picked up the puppy and untied the red bow around its neck while he licked his face.

“What shall I name you? I’ll name you Sonny, because my son Alexander gave you to me.” Graham put the dog down and Sonny began to play with the wrapping paper and ribbons.

“My dear, beloved family and friends, you have made this year’s birthday a special one. I am happy to se all of my family together and that my children have found that special person, their true love, to spend the rest of their lives with. My brother, my sister, you remind me of my roots. I may be a king now, but I was born from the love of a blacksmith and a baron’s daughter. I grew up in the village of Daventry as a peasant. I sometimes wonder what my life had been like if the king had not noticed me and made me one of his knights. I want the legacy of Daventry to be that anyone may rise as high as he or she desires to be through their own work and merit. Now that poverty and starvation have nearly been eliminated from Daventry, we can look forward to a new era of hope and freedom. I am getting old, it is true; but as long as I have a beloved family and darling wife to age with, I am sure my old age will be pleasant.

Rosella, Alexander and Brendan hugged their father. “Happy Birthday, Daddy.” Rosella said.

The gifts and wrapping paper were cleared out of the room by servants, and the dancing began. The first danced were fast and lively, as the night progressed the danced became slow and romantic. Graham danced with Valanice, Rosella danced with Edgar, Alexander danced with Cassima, Connor danced with Sarah, Brendan danced with Morena, and Farrel and Roxanne danced with their spouses who had been invited to the celebration as well.
Roxanne, King Graham’s sister, was Connor’s mother, so Connor was King Graham’s nephew.   

The dancing was very fun. After a few hours the ball ended. A fireworks display marked the end of the king’s birthday.

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Everyone gathered in the village square to watch the fireworks. It was a remarkable display as magic and science were combined to create stunning and magnificent shapes, colors and lights for the fireworks. The king’s birthday was a delightful, happy time for everyone.

   A few days later, the artificial Christmas tree Valanice ordered arrived from Eldritch. The royal family used artificial trees to protect the real trees in the forest. This one was a fine replica of a balsam fir tree. It fit inside the throne room. A jeweler named Karl Fabricate made elaborate, beautiful Christmas ornaments for the tree. Rosella also received and ornament from the jeweler troll, Oppy Goldsworth, who was now the court jeweler of Etheria. Oppy Goldsworth made Rosella’s engagement ring.

The ornaments were all varied, made from gold, silver, steel, gems, pearls, ivory, shells, bone, glass, porcelain wood, and cloth. They were shaped like balls, stars, hearts, bows, bells, angels, gingerbread men, Santa Claus, elves, poinsettias, roses, fairies, birds, Virgin Mary and baby Jesus, shepherds, wrapped boxes, rocking horses, and toy soldiers. Little strings of magical crystal lights were wrapped around the tree, as well as gold, silver and pearl beads. 

   Graham and Rosella decided to take a walk through the forest to find some mistletoe and what little bit of greenery there was this time of year. They bundled up in their warm furs and walked through the snow. They came across a bunch of village children building a snowman in the meadow. The children bowed and waved when they saw the king and his daughter. Deeper in the forest, they came across a group of spruce trees. Rosella saw something red sticking out of the snow. It was a hat, and an elf lay half buried in the snow under the hat. Graham and Rosella dug the little elf out of the snow and wrapped him in a cloak. They carried the poor wounded elf back to the castle and had the doctor treat him. A few hours later the elf woke up.

   The elf opened his big blue eyes and lifted his head an inch from the pillow it lay on in the big bed he lay in.

   â€œWhere am I?” he asked.

“You are in Castle Daventry.” Graham told him. “We found you in the forest, you were wounded. The doctor says with plenty of rest you will recover from the arrow wound in your side.” King Graham informed him.

   â€œAre you King Graham of Daventry?” the elf asked. 

   â€œYes I am. Who are you?” Graham asked.

“My name is Bernard. I am one of Santa Claus’ elves. I bear an important message. You are all in grave danger. The North Pole City was attacked by the evil winter witch and her army of wolves, polar bears and yetis. The winter witch plans on destroying Santa Claus and stopping Christmas, she wants to plunge the world into an eternal winter and stop spring from coming. Christmas is the holiday that represents hope, warmth and light, the light of the love of the human spirit surviving in the harsh coldness of the middle of winter. If she can stop Santa Claus from making his deliveries on Christmas Eve, the witch may succeed in trapping the world in winter forever. You and your family must do all you can to stop her.” Bernard said.

   â€œWhat can I do? How do I stop this winter witch?”
Graham asked.

   â€œFind Santa Claus’ twin daughters, Noelle and Natalie. The winter witch kidnapped them. She may use them as hostages to blackmail Santa Claus and keep him from making his deliveries. Also, the Christmas dragon Yule, the Christmas unicorn Snowdrop, and the Christmas fairy Befana are missing. They work for Santa Claus by spying on the children of the world and reporting who’s been good and who’s been bad. The witch may have captured them. You and your family must come to the North Pole to fight this vile witch. I must find the wizard Cripsin and the fairy Genesta, they too need to come to the North Pole to fight the witch’s army.”

   â€œI promise you my family and I will do our best to make sure this malicious witch is defeated and that Christmas comes for everyone. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and I will not let this wonderful, joyous holiday be ruined.” Graham said.

   Bernard relaxed a bit. “I knew we could count on you, King Graham. Ever since he gave you the adventurer’s hat for Christmas when you were sixteen Santa Claus knew you would become a great hero.”

   Valanice entered the room, carrying a bowl of chicken soup and hot tea on a tray. “How is our guest feeling now?” She asked.

   â€œMuch better, my lady, now that I know the good people of Daventry will defend Christmas.”

Graham told Valanice what Bernard had told her.
She gasps.

   â€œThis is terrible! We must do something. How are we going to reach the North Pole?”

“If you could find the Christmas dragon Yule or the Christmas unicorn Snowdrop you could ride on their backs. But no one has seen them or the Christmas fairy Befana, in weeks.”

   â€œRosella, tell Edgar to inform his parents of the situation. We may need the fairies of Etheria to help us fight the winter witch. Also, try to contact Genesta with the magic mirror. After that I will use the magic mirror to contact Crispin.” Graham gave the orders.

Rosella left the room and found Edgar in the library sitting by the fire reading a book.

   â€œEdgar my love, something terrible is happening. Father and I found a wounded elf in the forest. He’s one of Santa Claus’ elves, and he warns us that there is an evil witch of winter who wants to stop Christmas and plunge the world into an eternal winter.”

   â€œWe have to stop her!” Edgar said, putting down his book. “I will go back to Etheria and warn my parents. I hope I can get the fairies to help you. I’m sure my parents and the good fairy folk of Etheria will want to save Christmas. Good bye for now, Rosella, and don’t worry, I’m sure we will survive this crisis and save Christmas and the world.” Edgar left to return to Etheria and get help from there.

   Alexander and Brendan heard the news from Sir Connor Maclyr. The brothers had been out skiing and just returned to the castle. Morena, the brave and adventurous lady with a talent for magic and fighting, was iceskating with the village children. She returned to the castle to warm up and have a cup of hot coco when she heard the news.

King Graham used the magic mirror to contact Crispin.
Unfortunately, the kind old wizard was sick with a cold. He sat in a rocking chair wrapped up in a blanket in his cottage and sipped herbal tea. “I wish I were in better condition to fight this evil, but tis’ the season to be sick, and I am most definitely sick. In my old age not even magic can defend me from the winter cold and flue season. I am afraid going outside in this foul winter weather may be the death of me. However, Cedric the owl is perfectly healthy. I will send him to you with some magic items that may help you in your quest. I suggest that you find the good crystal dragon and Yule the red and green Christmas dragon. They will help you immensely in your quest, you may need to ride them to the North Pole. Be sure to dress very warmly when going to the North Pole, I suggest the thickest furs you can find.” Cripsin stopped talking and blue his nose on a large linen handkerchief. “Cedric! I need you to wash these handkerchiefs.” He called before the communication ended. A whiny high pitch voiced answered, “Oh, Crispin, do I have to?”

After Graham contacted Crispin, Rosella used the mirror to talk to the fairy Genesta who lived on an island near the land of Tamir. Genesta said she would come to Daventry immediately to help.

The royal family was gathered in the guest room where the wounded elf lay in bed. Cassima held Alexander’s hand and looked worried.

“We will get the crystal dragon in the Vulcanix Underground in Eldritch to help us find Yule.” Graham said. “Genesta can help us find Snowdrop. There is no need to tell the people of Daventry about this problem, it will only worry them and cause panic and confusion. We will fight this evil and solve the problem as quickly and quietly as we can. I think the first thing we should do is find our warmest clothes and prepare for the trip to the North Pole City.”

The royal family split up and went to their separate rooms to pack for the trip.

“Cassima, I think you should stay here in the castle where it is safe.” Alexander said to his young wife. “You are not used to cold weather and if anything happened to you I would never forgive myself.”

“Alexander, you should know by now that I can take care of myself. It’s true I am not used to weather like this but I want to help in any way I can. I’d hate for you to have all the fun.” Cassima said.

“I don’t know how ‘fun’ this adventure is going to be. You can help by taking care of the elf Bernard and by looking after the castle.” Alexander said. “My mother will probably stay here with you.”

“Be careful Alexander. I don’t want to lose you and more than you want to lose me. I love you.” Cassima said.

“I love you too, my brave beautiful bride.” Alexander kissed her.

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Rosella had rummaged through her closet and put her fur cloak on the bed. She laid out her warm clothes, her silk underwear, the pantalets, camisole, and petticoats she wore under her dress. She wore silk stockings and during winter several linen petticoats or slips. Her winter dresses were lined with fur, which kept her warm and gave them an elegant look. Right now Rosella wore a scarlet velvet dress trimmed in white rabbit’s fur. Rosella brought out a large leather knapsack and began to pack it. She brought a change of warm clothes and put in a gold hand mirror and comb. It might be considered vain, but she did not want to be looking like a ragamuffin when she met Santa Claus. She thought about what to bring, she brought along the lantern she got from the dwarves during her adventure in Tamir, and some flint to light it with. She hid her small gold-hilted jeweled dagger in a pocket in her dress.  After hearing how Cassima had used a small dagger to defeat Alhazared, she started carrying her dagger with her all the time, for protection. Of course they would need to bring food and water with them, and probably some medicine in case they became wounded or sick.

Rosella remembered a children’s book about the city at the North Pole and how Santa Claus and his elves made toys for the good children and left coal or switches for the bad children. She searched her bookshelves and bedroom for the book but could not find it. Rosella remembered that the book had been put away in storage along with some other old books and toys she had when she was a child.  Rosella went to find the storage room where the old book was kept.

A servant told her the book was probably in the northwest tower room. Rosella climbed up the long winding flight of stairs and opened the dusty door that creaked on its hinges. She brought a candle with her; with it she lit the oil lamp on an old table in the room. The room could truthfully be called and attic. Old stuff abandoned by its royal owners lay covered in dust in the room. Cobwebs spread across the corners and ceiling. Rosella opened the small window in the room, and blast of cold air came in and nearly but out the lights. She quickly closed the window, decided it would be better to leave it shut while exploring the attic. Rosella saw her old wooden rocking horse, the one that had entertained her so much as a child. The horse had been painted in gold and bright colors, now the paint was fading. A small spiral horn, painted gold, rose from the rocking horse’s forehead, making it a unicorn. Rosella wiped the dust from the red painted saddle, and thought to herself, it is still in good condition, perhaps it could be cleaned up and repainted and I could give it to my children after I marry Edgar. Rosella also found her childhood dolls in a basket. Two of them were porcelain beauties with lovely costumes of silk, lace ribbons and rosebuds, one was a wooden doll modeled after a peasant maiden in her festive clothes, like colorful embroidered linen garments. She found the wooden toy castle with its little carved wooden figures of a king, queen, prince and princess, lords, ladies , knights and servants. She spotted her teddy bear, stuffed dog, stuffed cat, stuffed dragon and unicorn on a shelf. She searched through the nostalgia of her childhood toys.

Finally she came to an oak trunk filled with children’s books. A lot of them were fairytales, some were poems, some educational books, and some scary stories. She found the Christmas book about the North pole City.

“A magic sleigh can take you to the North Pole, but it is very hard to find a magic sleigh that flies, even harder to find the right kind of animal to pull it. The most well known magic sleigh is Santa Claus’ sleigh, drawn by eight reindeer; that he uses on his journey to deliver toys to all the good children of the world.”

“However, if one rides a magical animal, such as a unicorn, Pegasus, dragon, or griffon, one can fly swiftly to the North Pole. Those who wish to visit Santa Claus’ home and factory should obviously dress very warmly for freezing to death before you get to the city is a common danger.  Also, if you are naughty, evil, bad, mischievous, lawless or unbelieving, this will not go over well with the rulers of the North Pole City. They will probably feed you to the polar bears. So, only the pure of heart, dressed in many warm furs, should dare to journey to this enchanted, happy, magnificent place. The city is described as being unbelievably beautiful, with a mixture of architectural styles from around the world. The buildings have a gingerbread look, with snow and ice frosting them. Santa Claus, his dear devoted wife Mrs. Christina Claus, his two lovely and kind twin daughters Noelle and Natalie, their husbands Christian the elf and Jack Frost the son of the Snow Queen live in a castle at the top of the North Pole. They are surrounded by their close friends and employees, the elves, the reindeer, the Snow Queen who brings winter visits them, her once frozen cold heart has been melted by love when she married the polar bear prince. The Snow Queen and polar bear prince have only one child, Jack Frost, who is rather mischievous in nature, as he brings frost and snow to the northern countries during winter. He will bring a blizzard down on a community if angered.

Other great immortals, such as the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, the Great Pumpkin, Mother Nature,
Cupid, Neptune king of the oceans, and Mab the lady of dreams visit them for parties. Titania and Oberon, the king and queen of the fairies of Etheria, have once visited the North Pole in their quest to find their abducted son.” 
Overjoyed at the wealth of information she found, Rosella rushed out of the attic and down the stairs to tell her parents.

Meanwhile, Brendan was in the library searching for information in books like Rosella was.

He started reading a large illuminated bible gilded and painted in beautiful bright colors. He opened to the New Testament and read about the birth of Jesus Christ. It was a touching story. Brendan knew that the religions of this world were brought over from the old world, Earth, when pilgrims, mystics and magicians immigrated to the world of Serenia. Here, things were much simpler, technology was less important and magic was used. The fairytales and fairytale creatures lived along side daily human life. Not all Christians are against magic; some of the better priests and nuns went against the tyranny of corrupt Rome and immigrated to Serenia to tell this world the truth of Jesus, who came to save all worlds and all races. Brendan was a Buddhist, he followed the teachings of the enlightened one, Buddha, who believed people must save themselves. Through concentration, meditation and right living, Brendan sought enlightenment so that he would reach Nirvana instead of suffering through more rebirths when he died. He admired Christianity when it was followed rightly, but if followed wrongly could lead to violence and a lot of trouble. Brendan thought that Jesus and Buddha were very similar, they could have been the same person. In the Bible Jesus was born in a town called Bethlehem in the country of Israel, which was then called Judea and under the control of the Roman Empire.

Brendan closed the bible and opened another Christian book, a book on the lives of the saints. He read the story of St. Nicholas, and wondered how he had evolved into Santa Claus. According to his father Santa Claus did exist, he gave Graham his adventurer’s cap for Christmas when he was sixteen and in training to be a knight. Brendan had received a jade dragon figure one Christmas, he believed it brought him good luck and if he ever met a real dragon he could show him or her the figure and prove that he liked dragons. Brendan had grown up with dryads, flower fairies, nymphs and mermaids as his friends. So to him it was perfectly plausible that a fat jolly old man dressed in a red suit rode a magic flying sleigh drawn by reindeer to deliver toys and presents to the good children and people of the world on Christmas Eve night.

Rosella found Valanice in the hallway.  She told her mother about the book. Valanice said that Graham was probably talking to Connor.

In the knight’s training area Graham was talking to Connor. “I will leave you in charge of the castle while I am gone.” Graham told the captain of the guards. “Valanice will stay here with you. You are in charge of her safety. I will bring my son and daughter with me to the North Pole. Edgar and Cassima may want to accompany us.”

   A guard interrupted them. “Sire, there is a dragon flying towards the castle. It looks like a crystal dragon, and there appears to be a man riding it.”

“Bring me a spyglass.” Graham said. The guard did as he was ordered. King Graham looked through the spyglass. He saw that it was Edgar on the crystal dragon.

“It’s Prince Edgar, and he is bringing help.” Graham informed the guard.

The crystal dragon landed in the courtyard and Edgar climbed off of her.

King Graham went to greet him. “I am glad to see you’re back, Edgar.” 

“King Graham, I have good news. This noble dragon, Cressida by name, has agreed to take us to the North Pole. First however, we must search for the missing Christmas dragon, unicorn and fairy. I have talked with my parents, and they are right now preparing a troop of fairy knights to accompany us to the North Pole to fight the witch.”         

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I have some bad news. I do not plan on continuing this story.  I have decided to stop working on fanfiction in order to finish the personal stories I am writing. I am writing some personal original stories of my own and I would like to finish them and have them published if they are good enough. I will perhaps get back to my fanfiction once I finish my own stories.

The world's cutest, sweetest dragon princess


This is a very good story from what I've read so far. I, too, am writing personal stories to get published. I hope yours succeed. Mine are not very long. Kinda short. My biggest one is around 27 pages. Not very big. I hope yours do well, Rosedragon! Good luck! ;) From what I've seen so far, your a very good writer, and I am sure that your personal stories will succeed. ;D (I hope mine do well... I'm a fairly talented writier, says my teachers. Some tests that were done on me say that my writing skills are equal to that of a first year college student, and I'm only in eigth grade. Those tests were done on me in 7th grade... I don't believe them so much...)
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I agree, Rosedragon. You really have great talent and you should, by all means try to get your stories published. Just don't stop posting. :P
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