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Scoring and what about Rosella and Edgar

Started by dew7, May 24, 2006, 12:11:45 AM

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It seems clear that Rosella will marry by the end of TSL, because the creators of the game have promised us that the game will tie up all the loose ends.  It would be a serious loose end if Rosella were to remain unmarried at the end of TLS, unless they intend her to be an eternal spinster, which is most unlikely.  Furthermore, the creators have said that, in the case of games with more than one possible ending, they will use the most complete ending, meaning that Rosella and Edgar are together at the end of KQ7.  Although it is possible that Rosella will marry someone else, it is unlikely that they will introduce a completely new character for such an important role.  The only other serious candidate from among the known characters is Connor, and Connor will be married to Sarah.

The more important question is who will be successor to King Graham.  Daventry is based on England, and, under the English rules of succession, Alexander would succeed King Graham.  However, Alexander is already King of the Green Isles.  Will Alexander then be King of both kingdoms, or, by accepting the kingship of the Green Isles, will he have had to relinquish the right to rule over Daventry?  Under English rules of succession, he would rule both kingdoms, just as James became King of England and Scottland.  However, if he has relinquished the right to rule over Daventry, that would make Rosella Queen of Daventry.

The next question is, assuming that Rosella married Edgar, what will Edgar's title be.  Under English law, Rosella would be Regnant Queen, and Edgar would be Prince Consort.  However, by the same token, Alexander should be Prince Consort of the Green Isles, not King, since he married into the position.  But since the Green Isles are based on Arabia, and I don't think that Arabic law permits Regnant Queens, that might be the reason that Alexander became King rather than Prince Consort.

If Rosella becomes Regnant Queen and Edgar, Prince Consort, then clearly Rosella would have the higher position.  But if Edgar were granted the title of King, then would he have the higher position, or would they be equals?  Again, under English law, a King outranks a Queen, but there was one exception.  Under the reign of William and Mary, the two monarchs were supposed to be equals.  In fact, William had all the power, and Mary only reigned when William was away.

Quote from: dew7 on May 27, 2006, 11:26:14 PM
Does anyone know if Sierra was hoping [MoE] would be popular because of first person shooters.
I believe the intent was to broaden the appeal of the game by getting the first-person shooter crowd to play, while not alienating the adventure gaming crowd.  But, as has been discussed elsewhere, the game was designed by a committee, Roberta Williams lost control of the game, and the result was what we have today.


I like the idea of a marreid couple, a husband and wife, going on adventures together. Can anyone say adventurous honeymoon? Perhaps
Rosella and Edgar will go to the QFG universe on their honeymoon, and have some grand adventures there.

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Now that it's been revealed that both Edgar and Cassima were going to be playable characters, then I think that it's clear that Rosella will marry Edgar.  It  would seem absurd that Edgar would be playable, yet that Rosella would marry someone else.


But they're NOT. :P They probably changed the storyline a bit to evolve around that fact.
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Oh, I'm sure that the storyline has undergone a lot of changes since then.  But I doubt that something as fundamental as Rosells's husband would have changed.  It's possible, though.