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The Silver Lining

Started by Yonkey, December 09, 2005, 10:02:24 AM

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I've not known of ANY of this until I recently searched-for and read-about all the Quests and LSLs on Wikipedia... I (like most here) grew up on these games and I honestly have to say that you people are not only giving fans an awesome game, but something that will create lasting memories of pure happiness. Truly this is something that is being SELFLESSLY created for nothing but the enjoyment and love of the game/memories/fans. There are no words to express how taken I am with the absolute altruisticality (a word I created) of you guys! If all people were like you guys, we would be, as a world, peaceful... thank you guys for coming together and being so awesome. :sweetheart:


Hello everybody!
I remember King's Quest from my childhood..I´m born in 1986 so I was very young. But I remember I really did like it a lot. Read in a newspaper that this game will be offred for free? Is it true? I really don´t trust the papers u know..


Yes, this game will be released as freeware. :)
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Welcome Jessica!

I just have a question, you mentioned this:

Quote from: Jessica on March 02, 2006, 04:44:05 AM
Read in a newspaper that this game will be offred for free? Is it true? I really don´t trust the papers u know..

I'm wondering which newspaper is this? and if so, could you scan it for me? :) Thanks!

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Wow, you guys are everywhere! It's amazing! And welcome, Jessica! I hope you find the POS forums comfortable and nice! I know I do! Out of every forum I visit, this is by far the nicest!
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Quote from: racx_00 on December 09, 2005, 10:09:49 AM
I'm glad to hear that it's back! I knew if we were persistant enough something might just happen !!!


Welcome Laura!  ;Db Be sure to become a member. :P
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Yeah, it's really great that you are doing this.

It's one thing to make a King's Quest game, and release it as freeware, but to make a 3D game, with a great soundtrack (from what we hear), and voice acting, AND release it as freeware...

You make us proud!  ;B
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i'm sooo excited for the silver lining! i always wondered  ??? what happened to all the characters and this will answer my questions. i have played this series since i was 7 and was sad  :( to see it die. thanks for giving it new life and a breath of fresh air  :D

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quick question to ask will I need to install anything on my computer in order to run this game when it is released as freeware?  There was a post earlier that had said the person could either pay 200 or almost 800 dollars for software for some program in order to play this game is this true and where will I have to get this online?



That post was referring to the licensing costs of the Torque engine that we're using to develop the game. You don't need any special software to play the game.
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Well spring starts next week, when exactly in spring does the game come out?

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An exact date has not been made public, as of yet.

or, to be more accurate: :suffer:


Only Part1: Shadows will be released this year(it will be released in 3 parts). If you wish to be notified, once the release date is made public, be sure to sign up for the Newsletter(bottom of February section). ;)


Hi all!
I heard about KQIX only one week ago. It was a notice about this website in my Norwegian Donald Duck comic book! I was so happy when I read that there will be a KQIX, cause I've been waiting forever! Good Job, guys!!  ;D
The game will be available to download from the page right??
Love, Siv (Norway)


Could you scan your comic with the notice in it please. I'm sure everyone would want to see it. Thanks.
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Yes, we would love to see notice in the comic that mentions us! :)
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But it's in norwegian..  :) ::)


That's alright, we'd still like to see it. :) 

Also, in order to upload a pic, you'll have to register an account first.
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Anyone know where to get a "learn norweigin in five hours guaranteed" software? (If only I had taken a language in seventh grade. I'm not taking one until tenth grade. Darn IEP! There are times when a language comes in handy! Like this!)
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i need to know the game will realese????