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This is incredibly exciting!

Started by Senhal, February 21, 2006, 09:03:04 PM

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I just wanted to drop a note to express my appreciation for everyone involved with the Silver Lining project.  What I've seen so far looks wonderful!  I can't tell you how excited I was to learn of this endeavor:  I (like many other fans here, I'm sure) grew up playing the King's Quest games and have never missed a single one.  I loved the adventure genre and lamenting its passing, although exceptional titles such as The Longest Journey kept it alive.  And when I saw the brief write-up on this project in this month's Computer Gaming World, complete with a quote from Ken Williams, I was nearly moved to tears!  I cannot believe that I had never heard of this previously.

The trailer video looks wonderful, the voice acting sounds great, and the art is simply impressive:  the character movements and facial expressions in particular struck me as very believable and life-like.  I simply cannot wait for the release, and in the interim I think I'll reinstall the old games and brush up on my KQ history.

Thanks so much!


Thanks for such nice comments, and welcome to the forum! :)
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