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The "Feel" of the World

Started by TheReturnofDMD, April 01, 2006, 06:52:37 PM

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I have an odd question for the team: As far as the style of the art goes, what feel or mood is going to be given off the new worlds? Like, will the art of some of the new lands be in a dark, gloomy, gothic style that will give off a bleak or sinister feeling, or perhaps a classic fairytale/fantasy feel, of knights and chivalry?


All of the above! XD

Each world has its own style, and some worlds have more than one. :)
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If you've looked at most of the screenshots you can see a lot of the moods you named.
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I really like the screenshots, cannot pick a favorite. The game will be awesome! The amount of artistic detail in the screenshots is incredible. I hope the game comes out this year. (At least the first part, Shaodws.)

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