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With current trends in mind...

Started by Yonkey, April 02, 2006, 06:01:22 PM

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With current trends in mind, do you think that the Adventure genre will get a revival?

I think it will, there's a potentially huge market for it! :)
5 (19.2%)
Isn't the Adventure genre already being revived? ???
1 (3.8%)
No, I don't think the game companies realize the potential... :(
4 (15.4%)
No, I don't think there's a potential for these types of games anymore... :-\
1 (3.8%)
I'm not sure, but I would love if it happens! :D
15 (57.7%)

Total Members Voted: 25

Louisiana Night

Probably. :-\

Then I'll just stay with the smaller Adventure game companies(no matter how few there are). :P


I just want the smaller companies to be more well known. :P There's gotta be a balance between mainstream and "only their family plays the game they made".

I find it sad that games like Dreamfall (only the best game ever) aren't found in a lot of stores... at least ebgames had the good sense to stock it. Even places like Best Buy didn't order any.

I wonder... does all this make hardcore adventure gamers "indie gamers"?
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