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Started by TribeHasSpoken, August 10, 2006, 06:15:57 PM

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I just read this on the Infamous Adventures forums, and haven't laughed so hard in a while:

QuoteAll right, last night I finally got my grubby little paws on King's Quest IV. I'm probably going to beat it sometime later this hour, as I'm in Lolotte's castle right now... but that's not the point of  this thread.


MAN, I thought I hated Alhazred, but Lolotte makes him look like the greatest KQ villain ever! ... And that's saying something, as Alhazred used to be my least favorite KQ villain. I hate him too... but this isn't a hate thread for the Necronomicon author, this is a Lolotte hate thread.

Seriously, you would THINK that she'd be happy getting a unicorn. Most people would be really happy to get a unicorn. They'd be like "OMGUNICORNYAYZ!" ... But oh no. Not Lolotte. No, she makes you go out and get a hen too. That's great, now she's rich for life. But is she satisfied? Oh no. She wants you to go get Pandora's Box.



But Edgar is the most adorable thing ever. It's so cute when he blushes!   ;D

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Aww poor Lolotte.  It's not easy being green. :-\

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XD That reminds me of how I have a saved game right when I start riding the unicorn so it's like, "Ha! I've ridden a unicorn and I can prove it!" :P
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Heh... I think the OP will come to understand Lolotte much better as he/she progresses through the game.

Or... that person can read this nice happy spoiler!

The reason behind Lolotte asking for what she asks for is so she can get rid of Rosella in a way that doesn't "dirty her hands".  Seeing as she is an evil fairy, surely she knew where Pandora's Box was... just as she knew the Chicken-that-lays-Golden-Eggs was in the possession of the Ogre/Ogress.  As for the Unicorn... come on... this is a fairy we're talking about.  Surely she could have put some sort of spell on someone to get the Unicorn for her whenever she wanted.

So ultimately, when Rosella comes along, Lolotte sees a chance to get what she wants with a mimimum amount of fuss, which is to get rid of Rosella, a stranger to the land who falls outside of her influence (unlike the other citizens of the land).  When Rosella succeeds in each of the tasks, this makes her very angry since the whole idea was for Rosella to either die trying or to give up and leave.

I think that's also why Lolotte decides to allow Edgar to pursue marriage with Rosella... what better way to drive poor Rosella to throw herself off the parapet of Lolotte's castle than the promise of spending the rest of her days married to a disformed green man? 

Of course... Lolotte didn't count on Rosella's cunning intellect... nor her compassion towards Edgar...
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