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Supah Dupah Almighty Cookie Rules!

Started by Louisiana Night, April 23, 2006, 06:59:45 PM

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Louisiana Night

Supah Dupah Almighty Cookie, is the smartest cookie in the world. It happens to know the meaning of life and the answers to everything. Weekly we shall be enlighted by this amazing cookie knowledge as it provides us words of wisdom that every good Haven member should make sure to follow as a lifestyle.

Supah Dupah Almighty Cookie Rules.

1.- We don't know why we would write rules about this because it's a comic strip, not a contest.

2.- Rules are important, remember.

3.- Should be updated weekly, although if Say gets sick we're doomed.

4.- You must really like Cookies and understand the deep insight of Haven to fully commit and accept the wisdom by the Supah Dupah Almighty cookie.

5.- Fifth rule is the fith rule, of course.

6.- Once you start reading it, you shall continue to do so... because.

7.- We are open to ideas but if you post them without letting us use it first, then the magic is gone, therefore we won't use your idea. If you wanna participate please do so at

8.- This strip is just for entertainment purposes, we don't want to offend anyone, therefore it won't include any political or religious or any other forbidden topic in the forum, so don't ask it just won't happen. If you feel offended in any way, please contact the PR/Web Director at  No insulting, spamming or anything meanieh related.

9.- This is an original creation of TSL web team for Haven members and anyone who wants to be a cool kid and become a TSL groupie.

10.- Support and love thy cookie, remember that in order to become a smart cookie you must follow the wisdom of the Supah Dupah Almighty Cookie!.

Thanks for reading and remember to help the Supah Dupah Almighty Cookie to provide wisdom and good fortune to our forum members!