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KQ Novels

Started by Louisiana Night, June 14, 2004, 02:50:31 PM

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Louisiana Night

I didn't know there were KQ novels. Anybody here read any of them(as far as I know, there are 3 novels)?

Mary Jane

I own all three. They are good quick reads.
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Mary Jane

Quote from: Louisiana Night on June 14, 2004, 06:42:28 PM
Well, I was mainly wondering if they extended the world of Daventry. As in added backround to the KQ games. Sad to here that they don't.
They bring up interesting ideas for a Daventry Geography debate. Rosella's book does have a bit of Daventry customs and history in it.
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I've read two of em, not the Weevil one though. Pretty neat books!
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Wasn't sure where to put this exactly, so forgive me if there would have been a better place.

I was wondering if anybody has read any of the three KQ novels, and what they thought of them. I've read all but Kingdom of Sorrow. See No Weevil and The Floating Castle weren't bad, but I probably like The Floating Castle better.

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Just finished Seen No Weevil. Rosella's personality in that one is uh... interesting. Thing that struck me was that it was rather ... ironic? ... that Rosella's acting the whole time like she's the most important person in the world and should have her every whim fulfilled instantly, while her twin was living the completely opposite life, being treated as a slave, probably believing he was a big nobody and would continue to do so for three more years.

Makes me wonder what Alexander would have been like had he not been kidnapped in the first place. :P

Didn't like this one as much as the other two, probably because I'm not a big fan of Rosella


I own the first two and started reading the first one that then stopped for some reason... :-\ I really enjoyed the first one though!
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I don't own any, and that makes me very sad. :(
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I own the first two, and have read both. I liked both of them, but I enjoyed the Floating Castle much, much more. I have yet to buy/read See No Weevil, but it's like 30 dollars used. The other ones were hardly even five bucks. It's a bit over priced, so that's dissapointing. But overall the first two books are good. I'd like to see someone turn the books into KQ games or something... In the style of TSL, or at least in VGA format. That would be so cool! The good thing about the novels is that they help fill the 20 year gap between KQII and III.
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Yea, it sucks the third costs so much for some reason. I hadn't seen any for less than sixty until last week, for thirty, and I went ahead and bought it as I had some birthday money still. It wars worth it, to be able to read it and complete the collection.


I'd buy it, read it, and then put it away forever probably. I would never dare to sell it. That's the one thing I absolutely refuse to do, no matter what! But I can't buy anything right now anyway. My spending has been capped for a while. I have to save for london this april. Not exactly the funnest thing in the world, but it will have to do! I've still got some Christmas DVDs to finish, and some I haven't even started watching yet! But anyway, I do wish they could release a collection of the novels. A book that has all three in it or something like that. A. That would help renew the license, and B. they'd make money. Main reason why they should do it. I'm not saying VU deserves money, considering how bad they are (No offense, but they have been pretty mean sometimes, especially with the KQ license, which is hardly even used!) Then again, does VG even hold the rights to the novels, or does some other company?
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