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The Silver Lining is Here!

Started by Yonkey, May 31, 2006, 08:00:41 PM

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Quote from: daventry on June 01, 2006, 02:44:29 AM
This is 100% better and Cooler then your old :P blue boring Website :suffer:
Hey!  We still made that site! :P  But yes, I agree this new look feels much more attractive and fitting than the previous. XD
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::) I was just kiddidng, the Blue one was nice, but this one just ROCKS.

By the way, i commented you guys at the AGD Site. :)

Petter Holmberg

An outstanding job!!! :thumbsup:

We who work on TSL the game have not seen this updated website before the fans and we are huge fans of the PR/web department for all their hard work on this! The new website looks awesome and I can't wait for more cool updates in the near future.

We have a new home! ;D


As cool as the new look is...

I'm gonna have to say I liked the forums better in blue.

While cool, this one is too...I dunno, dark yet vibrant, if that makes sense, and it's admittedly a little painful on my eyes, which means I can't browse nearly as long as I could before they start bothering me :(
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cool site but why doesn't the spell check work anymore?
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I'm not so in computer stuf. So how do you do that all? and where can you getthat software?
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Hey Cesar! I LOVE this new forum! Looking forward to TSL:S!
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Amayirot Akago

Love the new look guys! Red's my favourite color, so you can understand this site really looks fantastic to me.
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The design for the new website is great, particularly the team/fan page. I really enjoyed reading about all of the people involved in the project... I'm looking forward to being completely overwhelmed by your brilliant work.

Cheers to all the Canucks in the forum... GO OILERS!!!! :D


The site is nice. I  ;D especially like the team/fan page. :thumbsup: It shows how truly diverse and world wide this project it. KQ is more world wide then I thought it was.

While the site looks nice it seem a bit too dark, :evil: I must confess I like the blue theme batter. It seemed to fit better with the “now unofficial” KQ theme. The header bar also seems way too big. It takes up half my window. The new additions to the forum if very nice. :yes: Keep up the good work.
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It's good to see the new design. At least, we can all be sure that progress is being made. Although, I knew it anyway. :yes:

I look forward to seeing more updates in the future!
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I LOVE IT! This site has become even more amazing...and I now have more time to enjoy it (although not much more  :P)! The whole ribbon concept is really beautiful. I'm on my way to catch up on posting and read the journals and look at all parts of the site and... ;D

PS: Do I have a beautiful green smiley (NOT the sick angry one...a Lollotte smiley!)? :P
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In response to Eric's post earlier, I can not say right now. I would prefer not to discuss it at this time. It's a little personal really.

But to stay on topic, I can't get over how nice this website looks now! I loved the blue, but the red is also nice! Way to go!  :thumbsup: :futuristic: It looks so cool!
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Hey Guys,

Everything looks amazing.  I love it.  So are we going to be posting here for the most updated information on the game, or still on the previous stream?

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Thanks tait! ;D

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This thread is intended to discuss the new site, new features and new updates. :)
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Great Website!

I'm wondering what the game process status now?