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Started by Rosella, June 01, 2006, 04:33:17 AM

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Quote from: Deloria on June 01, 2006, 12:03:21 PM*downloaded Firefox jsut so she could see and use smilies XD*
FireFox rox! ;)
And I got a smiley, yay! However... *looks for javascript-part explaning the syntax of the smiley so I can leave the window open from another tab*... gone! :o Gotta know the syntax of my smiley though *closes open Smiley-window and opens again from this tab*
Aha, it's got my RL-name! ;D
And yet another comment on the addional-smiley window, you've added lines of smilies but not the height of the opening window so you can't see all of them until you drag the window further open.
PS: <3 the BIG update!
EDIT: Sometimes I notice the site's still reading before redirecting to
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Thanks for pointing that stuff out, CC! ;D I forgot to update part of the forum code to use the new theme folder (which is why the smiley status bar info disappeared, among other things...). :angel:

Anyway, the reason the smileys and spell check weren't working before was because of the massive amount of traffic slowing down the whole forum. :P  At least things seem much quicker now. :)
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I'll try and work on one if you want, but it may take a few days as I'll be gone for the weekend.  :(

I'll post it in my thread when it's done if you'd like. :)
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In a little while I'll start using the super cool smilies!  :thumbsup: :jafar:
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