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KQ Series & VirtualPC

Started by Yesmaestro, February 23, 2007, 02:07:54 PM

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Hi Everyone, I'm a new member but long time fan (since the Apple II days) of the KQ series and just found this site. Looking forward to when TSL gets released. If anyone is still experiencing problems with running the games with XP, I have a alternate solution. Microsoft just released VirtualPC 2007. It allows you to add a "Virtual" second operating system to your computer without replacing your current one. If you still have a Windows98 OS cd, like I do, you can install it under VirtualPC. I've installed all the KQ games and a couple of other old programs and so far have not encountered any problems.



Welcome Yesmaestro.  :D Stop by the introduction thread and introduce yourself to the group. I hope you enjoy it here and we see more of you.

Thanks for that info about Virtual PC. I hadn't heard of anyone testing that yet but it's nice to know they work on it.
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I use a slightly different approach. I have dual-boot system with XP on one partition and 98SE on the other. I pretty much only use 98SE for the Windows versions of KQ6, SQ6 and the You Don't Know Jack series.
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