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New Spiderman DVD also kicks ass!

Started by Rick_Florez, November 04, 2002, 06:16:31 AM

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Spiderman is just as good the second and third time around.  Way to go Sam Raimi!! :D
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What?  Nobody watches Spiderman here?   ??? No one has gone out and bought the best movie of the year thus far?!!!  :o Hmm.....  :-/
Truth, Justice and the King's Questian Way


hehe, I saw Spiderman and I liked it! I loved the Saturday morning cartoon, why did they take it off fox? >:( I hate it when they do that, they take off the good shows and put up a bunch of silly crap. No wonder kids these days are messed up, they got rid of the good cartoons! Better cartoons make better kids.

Anyway, the movie had a good story, and good action, but the green goblin costume sucked. That mask with the constantly grinning mouth was really stupid, they should get a better mask. And goblin's voice was corny, but much better than his costume. I don't really understand what happened to Mary Jane and Peter in the end.

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