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Psst!Hey buddy...

Started by Dirk Delshire, June 27, 2006, 12:11:22 AM

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Dirk Delshire

Psst! You see a dirty looking man in a trench coat motioning you to come over into a dark alleyway. You quickly look around to see if anyones watching and run over to him. Slowly He whispers to you. 
"Hey buddy."
"Yeah you over there in the corner. I got some inside info that somebodies remaking King's Quest IV."
"Keep Quiet, This is between you and me. I also heard that there are whisperings of a KQ4+ and something about a lost relic called the Temple of Pandora."
" And some other rubbish about Secrets in the Dark Woods."
"It could all be a hoax so don't go spreading it around. And buddy watch your back those Sierra fans can be vicious..."
He slowly walks away from you and suddenly you realize that your life is about to change forever.
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Is this the same dirty old man that sells cheap Rolex imitations? :-\
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