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Michael Ash Thread

Started by awesomeasapossum, June 27, 2006, 07:05:18 AM

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This is a thread where I will post news (and when it's done, the link to download it) for Michael Ash Legend of the Loch Ness. It's the adventure game that I'm working on. It is about Michael Ash, a detective for a paranormal investigation agency, who must go to a town in Scottland and investigate a missing person and the rumors that Nessie is back.
This is the link for the trailer. It doesn't really make since that I would have the trailer out when I first start but I think that it helped me establish the plot a lot better. I hope you enjoy it! Any questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.
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Dirk Delshire

Hey Awesome, Dude what engine are you using to make the game.
And if we have to wait to play it till 2007 you don't mind if Omega helps you along do you? I have a writer, a scripter, and  some honorary members who may or may not help, and me I'm a sprite artist too. 
It's the least I could do seeing how your helping with Tom Sops.
I still love your Tree Games BTW.  ;D
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This may sound crazy (I probably am for using this) but I am trying to use The Games Factory for it. There are only two (that I know of) adventure games that have been made with TGF and I am having to create my own engine. It's tough but it'll be rewarding. I don't know if I need any help (as of know) but I will remember you guys if  I need something. Thank you so much for offering!
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