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Started by watsup377, December 12, 2006, 09:04:42 PM

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i think this site is great but also hard to find.  i would never of known about if i did search king quest into a game site even though i thought it died after MoE.  I believe all king quest fans should have the right to experience this game.  if possible i believe you guys should go more public so more ppl no



We've certainly done our best to be public. We've been featured in magazines such as Computer Gaming World, Edge and PC PowerPlay (Australia), as well as sites such as, IGN, GameSpy and Kotaku among others. We've also endeavored to maintain a strong presence in the gaming community through forums and other message boards. Finally, we appear right near the top of every search for "King's Quest" I've tried to run on search engines.

I don't mean to seem overly defensive, though, and will be more than happy to accept any suggestions on how to engage the public more effectively.
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i am not saying you have done a bad job im saying it was hard for me to find and might b hard for others 2


They had a blurb in Game Informer too! It was in the Mod Corner.
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