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Some more feedback

Started by Alexandar28, July 31, 2006, 09:51:42 AM

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I finally registered after lurking for a year or so.  Of course I promptly spelled my user name wrong.  How embarassing.   ;D

Anyway, I missed the chat but I LOVE the demo!  TSL really promises a lot and I was wondering if it would actually live up to "itself" or if it would end up being a disapppointment.  It DEFINITELY lived up and I can't wait for the full game to come out!   ;D Thank you for all the hard work you guys have done!

One question I have is, is the demo the entire first chapter or does it just let you get to the dock?  I can't get on the ship and I was wondering if that's because it's where the demo ended or if it was because I needed to do something.  I've never downloaded a demo before so I don't know what they traditionally have.


[spoiler]Cool, thanks.  I had the coin, and paid the ferryman, I just didn't have the cloak.  I clicked on that door but must have not done it right the first time.  Thanks! :O)[/spoiler]

EDIT: Please remember spoiler tags. Thanks

Oops, sorry!  It didn't even occur to me.   :)


I wistied the cortyard but I am unable to enter the tents.


I don't believe you're able least not yet :suffer:
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In Chapter 1, the shops are all closed for a reason.  Try examining the note on the Pawn Shop to find out why. ;)
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