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The No Vowels Game

Started by Pacman928, August 13, 2006, 10:30:38 PM

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LL, thr's ths g wh cn bg lk   mnk nd lks chclt ck lt!!!!111!!1n!!tw

Hey, guys.  Message me, or IM me, or something...


tht's prtty cl.  knw smn wh s obsssd wth p bt dsn't rlly t ny.

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ll, ths thrd s stll gng...ww... :P

spps  shld sy smthng sbstntl... bt  dn't thnk  wll... wll jst kp tpng s t lks lk  sd smthng... mwhhhhhhhh
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hh! ws ctlly bl t rd ll f dllng's pst! tht's, lke, frst.

sbstntl stmpd m fr bt thgh.

ths s sntnc tht trnsltd frm Ltn fr m hmwrk:

"gns rm prbt, msr frts vrs"

Whch mns:

"Fr tsts gld, msr tsts brv mn"


*sgh*  ths s gttng t cnfsng.   n n cn rd th psts.  f  ddnt knw wht  typd,  wldnt knw wht m pst sd

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'm cnfsd... :-[ *s nbl t mk t mst f th psts* :-\
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ky 'm nt gnn dl wth ths, by.
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