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TSL on 360??

Started by sivvrianBARRY, August 14, 2006, 12:33:58 AM

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Check this out, guys...this looks very interesting.

Something that caught my eye was integration with Torque!! So is a freeware version of TSL 360 a possibility? ;D

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Though that would be very cool (after all, I do have a 360), I'm not sure I can see it happening unless someone were to take the task of converting the game to 360 by themselves.
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I'm thinking the fact that they're porting Torque over to XNA (the development studio used for making PC and 360 games simultaneously) would ease the PC-to-360 process. Maybe it's even something a fan could do once TSL is released? Who knows!


Actually Petter pointed this out to me a couple times as well.  Now that he's back let me see if I can get him to comment. :)
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The XBox 360 development possibilities using Torque are very interesting indeed. Especially because they allow development to take place entirely on a PC platform without the need of the expensive development kits that are usually required for console development. This makes it ideal for indie developers like us, and it was a smart move by Microsoft imo to support indie gaming like this by collaborating with companies like GarageGames.

If this is a viable solution for us or not remains to be seen. For a commercial product it would be very nice to tap into the XBox market as well, but we'd need to update engines for TSL to make this possible, so it is currently not in our plans. But who knows what the future will bring? ;)


Well it now seems that a free 360 version of TSL would be rather pointless, since you can only share free 360 content with other paying users of the development program ($99 a month to share your content to 360s).

Plus, if you wanted to go commercial, you'd still have to buy the professional version of XNA. However, XNA is still awesome because you don't need a dev kit, and you can use the same code to produce both a PC and 360 game.


If Microsoft was smart (no comment so far on that), they would add a section to the XBox Live Marketplace for indie games that can be downloaded for free by XBox Live members.  I know the Marketplace is currently used to purchase and download exclusive content for 360 games like Oblivion, so it shouldn't be too far of a stretch for Microsoft to impliment a free download section for indie games.

As for putting TSL on the 360, the only big things the dev team would have to do would be to convert the game assets into formats that Torque XNA are compatible with and refine the user interface/user controls to accomodate a controller rather than a mouse.  They might also want to optimize the game code for 360 execution.

But yea... no major issues as far as I can see with the prospect outside of the delivery method (which is handled by Microsoft).
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No! Do it for the Wii. Even though you probably have to buy a dev-kit I read that they are relatively inexpensive. PLEASE! Use the Wii!
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Actually, since it will be freeware on the web for the PC and available for download then I think we should be just thankful for that, imo.   ;)
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Whatever suits your fancy is my answer. Just as long as a PC version is released, then I could care less what you do... No offense. I just don't own a 360 (nor do I plan to anytime soon) and the Wii isn't out yet. Although I would definetely get a wii version of TSL!
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