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The Exchange Student - trailer online

Started by dimidimidimi, August 16, 2006, 02:07:15 AM

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We have just released a trailer for the first episode of The Exchange Student.

You can download the trailer HERE.

Most of the dialogues featured in the trailer are not in the game (in order to avoid spoilers). The Exchange Student, featuring backgrounds from ex- Lucasarts and ex-Sierra artist Bill Eaken (Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Leisure Suit Larry 3, The Dig, Curse of Monkey Island) and animations by Dave Rigley (24 and a half webcomic), is an interactive sitcom. It is a point and click adventure game that will be sold in the form of episodes. The story follows Emilio Carboni, a 22 y.o. Italian student who has never had a girlfriend in his entire life. His friend Vicenzo just came back from an exchange program in Sweden. Vicenzo was really satisfied with the program since he met a lot of very attractive ladies during his stay in Sweden. Emilio decides to follow his friend's path. He travels to Sweden to spend a semester there, studying in a city of Sweden called Västerås. Fate however is not that kind with him.

Here is some additional reading for The Exchange Student:

English: Preview at Just Adventure, Preview at Bytten, Preview at Flash Valley
French: Preview at Factor News
German: Preview at Adventure Europe Germany
Portuguese: Preview at PT Gamers
Greek: Preview at Adventure Europe Greece, Preview at Adventure Advocate

The trailer is free to share and distribute of course. The first episode of The Exchange Student is going to be released this Friday on the 18th of August for PCs, and in September for Macs and Pocket PCs. We would be glad to hear your feedback based on the trailer and the previews you've seen so far.


Excellent work, Dimi! XD

I haven't seen the trailer yet, but it really reminds me a lot of Day of the Tentacle 2 meets Larry! ;D  Did you guys use any games like these as influences during the creation of TES? :)
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The biggest influence was real characters I've met in my life. When it comes to graphics and gameplay though we have had several influences, Leisure Suit Larry and Curse of Monkey Island are two that come to mind right now.