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Started by Louisiana Night, September 03, 2006, 10:33:02 PM

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What would you like the next TSL forum contest to be?

ANOTHER singing contest! XD
3 (17.6%)
A worst singer contest. ;P
1 (5.9%)
A most useless post contest :P
3 (17.6%)
An avatar contest 8)
9 (52.9%)
A Fannatic essay contest XB
1 (5.9%)
Other(please specify)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 17

Voting closed: September 17, 2006, 10:33:02 PM

Louisiana Night


A worst singer contest. since I didn't got any votes  ;D
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I voted ANOTHER singing contest since I didn't get a chance to submit a song for the last one.

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An avatar contest since that sounds pretty cool. :P
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Avatars!  ;D Whee! *Pets camel*  :P


Avatar contest... maybe it'll motivate me to get one!
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I vote for the avatar contest, since I just learned what an "avatar" is...LOL  I'd like to see what's out there.  :)
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Avatar contest sounds interesting! XD
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Yea I agree.  An avatar contest would be very interesting  :suffer:
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??? How did this end up here. ???

- Edit *oops posted in the wrong place.*

I like the idea of the avatar contest.
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*cough* That  was touching shades but, ahhhh, wrong thread.  :P

  Now that I've voted for it I must ask, what exactly would we be competing for in an avatar contest?  Would it be a vote or some sort of panel of judges?


I think we could do it like the song contest, and have a public poll.  However, we'd still need to have a deadline and a list of people interested, since no one wants to vote in a 1100+ option poll. ;P
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And this time, only one avatar per person? But you can keep editing it to make it better  If it's your third or fourth entry, it still replaces each entry you've sent previously?
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Catherine DaCosta


Hmm... Yeah, one avatar per person, and maybe a max of 3 entries?  I think we can control this by having one post with many attachments. XD

There are some obvious size restrictions (file size, type and max dimensions) too.  As well, we could make it a bit more challenging, in that each avatar must have Personal Text.  I've always found it difficult to match the text with the avatar, but since it's right below it, why not? XD

I'll go over the contest details with you and Rosella and then we'll make the actual thread. ;D
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I'm all up for a most useless post contest.  I can be pretty useless when I want to be.  ;)
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the avatar contest would be basically a picture sontest.

i voted for a most useless post contest.   ;D

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heh - too bad I can't make my signature an avatar.  Imagine being able to play Defender instead of looking at a Final Fantasy XI character....   :suffer:
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