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holiday destination

Started by icarus, September 04, 2006, 11:35:52 AM

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Though many of you already probably already know my opinion on this, I seriously wouldn't advise coming to Switzerland. :P I agree with Cat, Ireland's beautiful. :)
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Petra Rocks

And as far as my personal experience in the US goes, if you wanna see corn, hogs and cows the Midwest is totally the place for you.  :P


Quote from: Petra Rocks on September 19, 2006, 01:55:10 PM
In the US it would probably depend on where you skate.  I've never done it, so I really don't know though.  I seriously doubt that anyone would stop you if you just went out to a public river or lake or whatever but they might make you wear something if you go to a commerical rink, if only to protect themselves from getting sued. And if any law exists it would probably be a state, not a federal, law so the answer could be very differant in differant parts of the country. My 2 cents anyhow.  :)
True it depends on location.  For example as far as I know when you drive a bike in germany you have to wear a helmet.
I though I heard something similar about skating/biking in the US. But since I don't know for sure and I don't want to get fined when skating it would be nice if I knew the rules before I go there. Most times this protection is to protect  yourself from all other traffic on the road.
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Petra Rocks

*cough* Oops. I thought you meant ice skating.  ::)

Bike helmet laws vary per state. I know Michigan (The state I live in) requiers helmats, I'm pretty sure New Hampshire does not. It would all depend on what part of the country you go see.  Skating laws probably would also vary per state, but I don't know about them.  :-\ Now the enforcment of those laws is poor, I see people riding all the time without a helment and I've never heard of one of them fined, but you are probably better off not going that way.  ;P