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Started by ajd31m, July 11, 2007, 03:08:59 PM

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Hey everybody.  I checked this site about every six months for oh.....six years?  Is that possible?  Anyways, I finally just wanted to express thanks for what you guys are trying to do.  When I first saw this, I was simply relieved to know that I wasnt the only person who missed King's Quest.  I couldnt believe the scope of the project that you guys were proposing to do AS VOLUNTEERS!  I just wanted to say thanks for taking on what Im sure is almost an impossible task. 

I was also wondering something if anybody knows anything about.  When Vivendi stopped the work, did they express that they had any continued interest in the King's Quest series or were they simply protecting their territory?  How much did they alter the scope of your work to allow you to proceed?  Anyways....just fishing for information but thank you guys very much


As a mod, I can only answer in part. From my understanding, Vivendi only asked that the title be changed to take out "Kings Quest IX." Also, Vivendi will want to see the finished project before it's released. From my assumption (don't quote me!), it's to just make sure that the team doesn't put anything in there that might be offensive, or reflect badly on TSL/Sierra/KQ/Vivendi. Will they want things changed once they see the finished project? We won't know until it's sent in.

I hope this helps you out. And I'll see if I can get someone from the team to answer more indepth :)
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