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Started by TheReturnofDMD, April 10, 2006, 03:23:39 PM

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If you have an MP3 of the song you an probably edit it into the game.  :D Note that I'm not a computer geek and this only applies to my experience with a couple of games.


I think if greensleeves was added to this game it would be absolutely amazing.  It would really be the little finishing touch that makes the game.  I hope it gets included into the beginning - then it would really fit the series and just make it perfect.  Although we wouldn't have the Sierra logo/music/sparkles that I know I love, haha.


I doubt it will as the demo is basically the begininning to the game as well, minus super spoilers. :P

And I think QuestStudios may have an MP3 of it...
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I guess that makes sense - with the menu and everything.  But who knows!


Torque doesn't support mp3, so if you guys want to make audio mods, you'll need to conver to *.ogg format (and use the same filenames we have in there XD).
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just fyi, Greensleeves absolutely IS public domain, so it is completely legal to use it.  There is a website that lists all songs that are public domain ( and Greensleeves sure enough is there.  I am a musician and had to look it up a few years ago when I was thinking of including a version of it in an album that I was working on at the time.  So yes, you should definitely try to work it in. :)  I also agree with the poster who said that it'd be nice to have it snuck in there covertly (like the music box example) rather than as part of the actual score.