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About the voice actors

Started by goofy00, November 29, 2004, 03:16:44 AM

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Hi , this game seems pretty amazing , being a huge kings quest fan I'm really excited about it. The only  thing I want to know is who is voicing grahm? I know the developers of the kings quest 1 and 2 remake actully used josh mandel, the original voice talent behind grahm which made the game so much more enjoyable as a fan. Is Josh involved in this? or was there an attempt made to use him? If not it's a concern of mine that the current voice actor won't do the charecter justice. That is unless he's a very talented impersonator.
Thanks for hearing me out :)

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Hey there goofy welcome to the forum!

As we mentioned in the Journal section all of our voice talent is original so Josh Mandel will not be voicing Graham. Don't fret though, I can assure you that all of the voice actors are of the highest standard (Cesar wouldn't have it any other way ;p) and you won't be dissapointed by what you hear.
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Not only that, but as you can hear in the Sound Clip section, our Graham actually sounds uncannily similar to Josh Mandel! :o Imo, he also acts out the lines better. After all, Josh was just a regular Sierra staffer that was picked for the part when they did the KQ5 multimedia version. Among the other voices there you could hear people like Lori Ann Cole, Mark Seibert, Roberta Williams herself and even her son D.J. ;D


Yeah I checked out the voice clips. and I have to say I was very impressed with the voice actor doing grahmn and all of the others. It seems that you have very a grade talent on board this project, and I am very excited to see what will happen with it.. later


Thank you so much, all kuddos on this matter goes straight to Michael Fortunato, our voice over director, he's a broadway director & actor (also Art Director Assistant and excellent Musician collaborator as well), very talented with years of experience on this field, Michael along with Cesar Bittar and Richard Flores have been kindly to not only putting together but trying the best out of the effort.

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Hooray for Michael! And everyone else! :D
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I just thought I'd say that I think the voice actor that you guys got for Graham in TSL is about ten thousand times BETTER than Josh Mandel ever was.  I always thought Josh Mandel made Graham sound like a big dork.  Your guy (sorry, I don't know the name) is so much better.  There is such an awesome emotive quality to his voice...stoic, yet soft, like a man who has been through a lot over the years and has survived only to become stronger for it.  Absolutely perfect for the character of Graham.  Judging by the demo, the voice acting in this game is going to be absolutely top notch.  Kudos in that department.  This is one fan who  will not be lamenting the absence of Josh Mandel as Graham.  Here's to changes for the better!! :)


I actually wouldn't feel right having Josh Mandel as Graham for this game.  Don't get me wrong, I thought Josh did a great job in remakes of KQ 1 and 2, (especially in KQ2VGA, where he's given alot more lines).  But since the tone of thios game seems darker, and Josh is much better with the more goofy scenes of older KQ games.
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I think that the TSL Graham sounds great and thats all that matters. 8)
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