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Kinda Quiet Lately....

Started by TheReturnofDMD, October 16, 2006, 06:55:37 PM

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It's been kind of quiet lately. I understand that there's really not much to talk about lately, but it's kind of disappointing that there's really no hype among us fans that Shadows may be released soon. I say may, because I'm not sure but I hope (and think) that it will happen before the year is out.
Either way, it's not too long before we'll be playing it, our long wait is nearly over and for the first time in nearly a decade, we'll be in the magical world of King's Quest once again on a brand new adventure and it's going to be the best one yet, and the first fruits of four long years of hard work will becoming to bloom.
It should be both an exciting time for both the team and us, the fans.
  So, let's try to show a little excitement, eh?

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 Well, I daresay people will be excited enough when it comes out.  We love TSL and look forward to its release, but repeating it endlessly simply for the sake of repeating it would get tedious.  :)


  Exactly.  Actually we haven't had anything new about the game since the demo came out.  Not that this is a bad thing since 1:Vivendi probably wouldn't be happy if everything about the game was squealed. and 2:If people spent all their time answering questions and updating every little thing they do less time would have to be spent on actually getting this game out.
  Yah, and it is tedious to post rhetoric about how great its gonna be (even though it's true) every single day.I think everyone was hyped before the 3-month cancellation, but people can only stay hyped for so long, ya know?
  Also, I hate to be mr. negative, but I'm not sure if this game is going to be released all that soon.   The demo seemed to me like it was kind of a tool to 'tide the fans over' until they reached another big development stage.  If the game was going to be released a couple months afterward (or even this year), they surely wouldn't
have wasted their time putting together a demo.


I have barely posted on the forums myself lately... I too notice a significant difference in the feel of the forum. I can sense that it is not as hyped. But I believe it is only a time of hypernation. I am confident that when this game is out, this forum will be abuzz with excitment. I'm sure that there will be people asking for cheats, walkthroughs, asking endless questions about "The Two That Are One" (Part 2 of The Silver Lining) and so much more. But that time is not yet. With the dawn of a new era for adventure games upon us, POS is helping to bring back the Adventure genre with avengence. This game will garner attention from many places, across the world. The game will be released when ready, and with it's release shall come a very crowded forum. Remember, a watch pot never boils  ;). Oh, and one more thing: DO NOT ask for spoilers, as your answer will be  :suffer: almost assuredly. Ah, how I miss suffer.... I miss his presence. Nobody's used him in forever... Everybody knows now what are good questions and what are suffer questions... I'll miss suffer... Well, there's always part two!  ;D
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Things are bound to start jumping again sooner or later.  Maybe it's time for another Chamber event...  ;)
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Do another singing contest or something like that. That seemed to get people going.
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...or how about...

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:P ya know.... because... *glances at his own avatar*
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I'm sure there's something coming soon...just wait. But yeah, it has been a bit quiet around here lately. Granted, I'm the one who's been swamped with school and then home for several days XD
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Quote from: Delling on October 17, 2006, 06:40:44 PM
...or how about...

8) :devil: !!AVATAR WARS!!  :jealous:  :cesar:

:P ya know.... because... *glances at his own avatar*

I agree, I won't participate because I'll never change mine, but I'd love to vote on favorites nontheless. :P
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As a reply to the thread concerns, and particularly to the demo comments. The game production has been seriously hardcore this year, we have been through a lot of ups and downs due to legal nature issues as well as individual personal issues for some team members (like in my particular case moving across countries), but I am proud to see things have never stopped and have been moving along just perfect.

Sadly, we need to be aware of our situation as it has been the same ever since day one this production started, we only get to work on this as long as we are awake and just not working in our office. I wish the situation were any different because expectations seem to grow about the final production but, that is the truth.

About the demo, that is not the "most recent" demo, in fact, it is not even the "actual demo" that is only a small part of the demo we actually sent to VU last year, for obvious reasons we are not revealing as much as we should with that because we keep our strong value of not giving out much for everyone till you get to play the game, as well as currently many of the bugs even brought up in the demo have been long fixed before its release. The launching of such material was just to give you some heads up of a work that has been in progress for a long time which noone ever saw, doesn't really reflect the current work actually because we have achieved quite a larger part than ever showed. Being this said, the demo doesn't reflect the production just somehow some material that allowed you to peek into something we thought everyone might enjoy.

We shall discusse a future posibility of releasing a good demo eventually, I am not going to promise anything and it all depends on how things move along of course. Just remember we are doing the best we can with the current resources we have got.

Also, we have had server problems which made a lot of our current activity impossible, that doesn't mean everyone is gone or lost interest. Feel free to voice out whatever you would like in the meantime, I am paying attention to this thread, anything good I shall write it down and consider the posibility of working on it!

On further thoughts, I would like to thank every single one of you for supporting us all this time, some of you do give your heart out while giving me a real help working with me in this forum, as some of you just enjoy this community as much as to call it home. Thank you all for this, I could never get enough of recognizing such wonderful people, myself :)

Now, I should get back to my duties, I have been so insanely busy lately I have lot of work to do and lot of email to catch up as it is!

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 I wouldn't worry about it. For a project of this nature this is quite large and well-organized. It has it's own momentum now. Any forum goes through slow times and fast times, you can't reasonably expect non-stop hyper-activity for 4 years on end, but that doesn't mean the community is falling apart or anything.  I'll ponder ideas for boosting activity if I have a chance, but I don't think it is anything to be deeply concerned about.  :)


  Naw, no reason to get worried.  If anything less activity is better, so people will come back and still have the ability to be hyped whenever the game comes out.
  Also, I didn't mean to say that the demo reflected how far the along the project really was, and certainly not that that's all you had so far!  I'm sure significant progress is being made, and that it won't be TOO long before we get our hands on the game.
  This game and team has had alot of devotion attached to it.  Just think about it.  FOUR YEARS!  Four years people have been hyped for this thing.  Commercial games are announced maybe a year berore they are released, and sometimes don't even get an official forum until it's all out, well this game has had forum activity and events and plenty of media coverage, etc.  Just think of this time as 'the lull before the storm', and there will be nothing to worry about.


This is an ambitious project, and as long as fans are dedicated and committed to both the team and the forum, this project will never die. I will see to it myself! I will never allow this game to be shut down no matter what! As long as this game exists, then I will be here... There are times when forum members take breaks. Like some go to college, some have a lot of school work, others go to camp... A friend of mine goes to a school where he comes home every weekend and therefore is busy during the week... He works on my site, and still does really well! He has great ideas, as well as an amazing grasp on coding languages! Although he is busy a lot, he still works on my site and does well... The TSL team is just as dedicated. Some may be going to college, others may be in highschool with a lot or a little work, but they all find time to work on the project, which is the important part. As long as people still have some amount of time, even if it is very small, it is still time dedicated to this project, and I am gratefull for that fact. I thank the entire team for being dedicated, and even past team members for being apart of this game!
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well, I admit, I too frequent teh site less often than I did (which wasn't often to start with) and I was once again, going to start another thread requesting an update.  I realize that it could be years before anything is released, but a percentage maybe? an available alpha test? anything that I could help out with?
I'm just wondering if the project is dead, because every time I come by, it certainly feels like it... no offense
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It's certainly not dead. We may not give much information to the public, but that's because it is hard to do so. With all the different departments and everyone being at different places in the world, it makes things hard.

TSL is not dead!
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If the project were dead, I wouldn't be getting constant progress update emails from various members of the team practically every day. Trust me, work continues apace, but there are things we just can't talk about right now.
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And though the GAME may be in production quietly, the FORUMS certainly aren't dead. :P *makes way through 3 pages of new posts* XD

Trust me, if you check Haven, you'll forget how impatient you are for updates. :P
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I don't was a little quiet before OB came and, well, pulled an OB. XD
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Quote from: Rosella on February 01, 2007, 04:23:08 PM
Trust me, if you check Haven, you'll forget how impatient you are for updates. :P
So true.


Quote from: Jafar on February 01, 2007, 04:30:11 PM
I don't was a little quiet before OB came and, well, pulled an OB. XD

And is that such a bad thing? ;-D
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