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365 Days Project

Started by Petter Holmberg, January 25, 2007, 09:31:49 AM

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Petter Holmberg

This is a pretty cool blog. The original 365 Days Project was back in 2003, now it returns in 2007, bigger than last time.

The idea is that each day of the year, a new sound recording is shared on this website. Often it's music, but it can also be spoken word, sound environments and anything else that has been caught on vinyl, tape or disc.

The recordings are various rarities collected from the scrap-heap of mass-consumer society. Incredibly strange music, awful singers, politically incorrect recordings, weird advertisements and so on... In short, all the queasy listening your ears can take! ;D It's often very amusing, or just plain enlightening to listen to recordings like these. In any case, much more interesting than your average MTV music.

My recommendations so far include Reverend Michael Mills' rundown of subliminal, satanic messages in rock music, the seriously cheesy "Rappin' with Gas" where some kids teach you how cool it is to cook on the gas stove, and the godawful voice of little Antonio Eugenio Martinez! XD


LOL!  That "cookin' with gas" song got annoying pretty quick. :P
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Don't you mean 365 instead of 356? XP
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Petter Holmberg

Quote from: Rosella on January 25, 2007, 10:52:31 AM
Don't you mean 365 instead of 356? XP
Duly noted and corrected. :D

*except the title, which won't change. :P


"A wish changes nothing. A decision changes everything."


not yet :P

what if its a leap year?! ;P

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No way, our live sound lecturer was showing us this the other day!

A personal fave of mine is the facial expressions workout :D
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It sounds like a cool site. I've never been to it, and I can't go quite yet, but when I return from work I'll try and have a look. It sounds pretty cool!
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