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How many people...

Started by Drunken Chinchilla, January 28, 2007, 02:34:57 PM

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How many people have you told/preached TSL about/to?

1 - 4
5 - 9
10 - 20
20 +
No one. Its MY secret!
No one. No one cares :(

Drunken Chinchilla

So guys and gals', how many people have you introduced to TSL? I've personally told 20+ now when i count family members and people I've lived with in the past 2 years. Go me :D
Alex Saunders
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Between 5 and 9, I think. Maybe more. I can name at least 5. :P
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5 although I don't want them hanging around, they aren't cool. :P
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20+...especially after I pretty much told my whole class a couple weeks ago XD
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5 - 9. I can name at least 5 not my family and I'm sure I've told my family something about this place
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5-9 sounds about right for me.
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Drunken Chinchilla

I'm sure before the next poll goes up you can all progress to the next people bracket  ;)
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Ive told a lot of people but not very many of them know what King's Quest *is*. :P
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My immediate family knows and that's about it. :P So, I've told three people.
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5. My family and two friends.


10 - 20
I told about it at work. If there are people from my work looking here I don't know.
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4 or 5 ppl, so just my fam and really colse friends :)

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20+! When I first found this site, I told 5 other people right away, and have been spreading the news ever since.
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