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The riddle of the Lil_saint!

Started by lil_saintmc, February 22, 2007, 02:39:45 PM

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Heres a riddle, a prize for the winner:
"I have a sole,
I have a tounge,
I cannot breath,
As I have no lungs!"

Guess away!


A shoe? I'm assuming this is a general riddle and not a KQ one. :P


It's a shoe, but why is this in the "Plot" section?
Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes...


Ah you guys are too smart! CONGRATULATIONS! Nah its just one I found! You know the shoe in the desert....You know the.....Ah never mind! Sorry, its just everyone seems to look on the plot section, and I couldn't really tell where else to put it

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