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Started by noaheugene20, February 10, 2007, 03:49:02 PM

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I got an idea that could make the game prcess spedd up and still make the game good or better. You guys could merge with AGD Interactive, Infamous Adventures, Magic Mirror Games, SQ7 Team, Dogma Day Games, SQ2 Vohaul's Mines Team, SQ VSB Team,  and Fossi games. You may not know some of the small game groups, but they have very talented artists that could help you guys out a lot. And start a medium sized game company and with sierra's permision make sequals of sierra games and sell them and make other new game. When you guys have money you can then buy sierra from vinvidi. How do you think of that plan? ;D


I could respond to this, but are you being serious or just kidding? (the  ;D at the end is suspicious)
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What's up,

I've been watching this site for a little over a year, never signed up for forums though but I thought I"d like to reply to this one.  I don't necessary agree with yall merging with others but I like the idea of starting your own manufacturing of media and distribution.  For one, I don't think sierra would give you the rights to their games.  I epecially don't think they'd fund yall to handle your own branch of adventure sierra games.  If they would, they wouldn't of closed it down to begin with, or they would of already revived it themselves.  They just aren't in the market anymore for the old style adventure games.

I for one, however, would glady be a consumer and, a steady regular at that, in purchasing sierra style adventure games from your company if you were to make it.

And even though the thought of Vivendi allowing you the rights to create ongoing sequels of classic, I honestly would love to see that happen, I'd still be glad to purchase ,on a regular basis, new games entirely with the heart and style of what we grew up to love.  And it seems yall have that going here.  Perhaps we can see an ongoing series pass the Trilogy for Silver Lining.

Whatever you decide to do though, I support it 100%, I'm already especially happy to see people extend the series. Especially in high quality.


Welcome to the forums. :)

They plan on starting original commercial projects after they finish with TSL. :)
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I believe there still is a market left for adventure games, it is just that big companies think that those king of games have gone out of style and think that RPG and blood and gory games are the big thing and there not. If you guys started making adventure games using AGS game engines or SLAGE engines, and sell them, you could prove them wrong and maybe they would make new sequels to space quest, king's quest ect. :)


Doubtful, but it would be worth a try...I would buy the games...It would be nice to see them revert to adventure games again though.

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Heh, yeah, I think there would be a decent market for adventure games too.  You got other games not worth crap, and you know it's not worth crap, and they know it's not worth crap, but they market and distribute it anyway... and don't make crap.  But companies still do it.

This would be a good time to revive them too.  Not saying a good time as in now, but as in how it's been like a decade since Sierra canned these games and die hard fans have been hurting for something new. 

I would prefer point and click, but they can do it in 3d too.  I personally enjoyed longest journey, AND it's 3d sequel.  I drool over the thought of Space Quest 7 with today's technology... *drools* unchhguhh...


My personal opinion is that even if adventure games were revived, they still wouldn't survive.

People want top graphics, nothing less.

Most people are into games where they don't have to think too much. Something that has a great story, which you slowly unravel. Adventure games have this, but RPGs tend to deliver without logical puzzles and logical puzzles lead to thinking.

At the moment demand for adventure games are coming from adventure fans, which tends not to be enough. The majority of people crave for a new high tech FPS or RPG and for adventure games to succeed, then you'd need to somehow incorporate things that could sway the masses.
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Grand Theft Auto: King Graham's Gone Postal? :P
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I can see that making money, if Graham was a pimp. :P
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*In movie guy voice* "In a world where Horse and Buggy isn't enough, one man rises above the others. A valient King rises to the challenge, and reinvents the genre that started it all. King Graham is: Sir Pimps-a-lot. Now, King Graham, under his new alias, must scour the Kingdom of Daventry in search of the magic bling that is Grand Theft Auto. His journey: Find the golden Dice of Fezz. Can he find the Dice before the evil Mordack turns him into a Disco Frog? Find out in the newest adventure game to hit the systems: Grand Theft Auto: King Graham's Gone Postal" Wow. A very disturbing thought. I don't even want to think of Graham playing a space captain in the style of Captain Kirk.... Scary much? XD
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Well King's quest and other adventures games would probably stand a chance in today's market if they used pure 3D or top of the line graphics and combined it with a good plot and with a little RPG and no blood, and of course..... a dozen funny random events.