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Started by Drunken Chinchilla, February 11, 2007, 11:13:24 AM

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Would you prefer to download TSL or own a hard copy?

Download please. I <3 the environment!
Buy the box! I like to hold things in my hands :)


BOX!!! (I have dialup)  Plus I like having a pretty artsy box anyway.
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Buy the box! I love the special feeling of opening the box (mind you, it has to be one of the big boxes, not the small ones they're coming out with now) putting in the disk and installing the game. Downloads just short circuit the process. Also, I like opening the flap on the front of the box and flipping through the paper manual, especially when it has in-game graphics or concept art to illustrate it.
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Definitely prefer a box even if it costs more. Download limits are a huge reason for that, but it's also just good to have something tangible and a manual you can hold in your hands, though PDF manuals on discs seem to be more common.
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im a crazy environmentalist...but i would rather have a box...its so much more fun...and yeah there is recycling and ...well i have dial up :( so it is much easier