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The Inventory, what happened to it?

Started by Ryan Yoo, February 18, 2007, 09:25:52 PM

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Ryan Yoo

Hi everyone,
Sorry if this is really old news but I honestly never noticed until now that The Inventory web magazine (the one about adventure gaming) is gone.  Does anyone know what happened to it?  I mean, was there ever a 'final' issue or was it abruptly ended?

Ryan Yoo
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I have no clue, I can't seem to find out what happened. :-\ I would suggest asking on the Just Adventure forums as they are closely connected.
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I enjoyed the inventory a lot. It had some great KQ9/TSL tidbits. Stuff that may not have been mentioned on this site yet.... Although both issues with TSL info is outdated by now, but still.
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