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King's Quest Compilation

Started by Bolter00, February 18, 2007, 10:55:11 PM

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Has anybody tried the new compilation and is Kings quest 5 and 6 the Text games without speech, or dose it have the voiceovers?


They are both speech versions. I highly recommend you buy them. :)
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Also, Gametap has the King's Quest games as well as Sam and Max... only $10 a month. ;)
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I recommend the compilation for sure. It's great, despite the fact that I haven't played it in forever!
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I've heard but negative things about the compilations. For one, I believe the copy protection for SQVI was left out of the SQ compilation and they're merely the old compilations with Dosbox. I believe those aren't the only qualms people have with them, but as I've personally not bought any of these new compilations, I'd technically not know for certain.
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From what I remember, the SQVI copy protection was a pain.
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I really hated that copy protection stuff. I remember booting up the space quest 1 game on the compilation, and as I got to a point on the ship they asked for that copy protection thing. I turned the game off and went to the digital manual thing. And of course, I couldn't remember it. It doesn't make too much sense to add the copy right protection stuff in a digital manual, especially when the protection in question happens to be a picture. It's agrivating, but it's still worth the frustration. These compilations are a blast from the past, and I do recommend them. And, they were the 4th bestselling product over in my neck of the woods for about a week. I guess people do still like old adventure games. And, they can be found in pretty much any store that sells computer games.
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It is a pain but you should be able to tab out of it and if not print it out. There is also

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My boyfriend just bought it for me for my b'day...I havent played it yet but I couldnt wait to see at least SOMETHING from i installed it and played the intro to 5...its speech....and im really excited.

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I bought em because I wanted to own them. Before i just had the ones I'd downloaded. I prefer owning to downloading stuff without paying, but sometimes there's no other way to get it. It's sad really that the world market isn't integrated as the internet. If it was they'd make it so all games could be bought it every country for the same price in all languages not counting shipping costs. It really bugs me when people keep stuff that everybody loves to themselves and won't share. 
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