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What are your views...

Started by Drunken Chinchilla, February 19, 2007, 01:38:52 PM

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What are your views on the use of episodic content in games, ala the TSL Trilogy?

I Like it!
I'm not too keen on it...

Drunken Chinchilla

Firstly apologies for the this being a day late! I went to see The Killers last night and didn't get back til uber late.

Forgive me? :!Oops:

SO todays poll is pretty dependent on the explanation of your views. If you agree why so? If you don't, why not?

I'm starting to be convinced by it after seeing how its been handled by Telltale games in Sam and Max. Obviously in the case of TSL its for everyones benefit as you guys get to experience it from a much earlier date while the stress off finishing the whole thing asap is lessened.

A cool thing which I'd like to see in games soon in the future is games companies taking a leaf from TV series books. Delivering short sections of games on a weekly basis but having the player (or maybe the combined results of players) effecting the overall story ark. It could be the future of TV as we know it! (well I Can dream hmm?)
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I like the idea a LOT. Back in 97(?) EA created an episodic game called Wing Commander Secret Ops which had seven episodes each delivered on Friday one week apart with character journals/email/news reposts spread out during the week. It made it really cool and suspenseful and had a lot of people in the forums hypothesizing about what would happen next.

Not to mention it was FREE!!! :thumbsup: Anybody who wants to know more about it just ask.

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I like how Telltale is handling episodic games. :D It's a great idea for small companies who need steady money influx while working on a game. And even for free games, it's still a good way to keep the fans from going rabid. ;)
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I'd have to try it first; my only problem is that I'm not a very patient person. On the other hand, I would get to look forward to the next episode. :P


of course if they released weekly games like that then my school work would suffer which might not be so good :) but besides that i think it is a very interesting idea which is worth expolting.  it's giving me idea's right now  ;D
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I like it, as it allows the game in be in production on the last two parts while the fans are still playing part one. (Also, it allows for a longer game. ;))
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I prefer the old days when we got games all at once....BUT...When it comes to TSL it makes sense as it gets the first part of the game out faster. And if it helps with getting adventure games more attention and becoming more popular again, I'm all for it.
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Frankly, I think this is one of those things that depends more on execution than theory.  :)


It's great because you get to the end and you feel accomplished, but then there's that bit inside of you that knows its not over yet.  And its a real thrill to move on to the next episode!
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I'm not too keen on it, to be honest.
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